The most expensive single manga I bought and the cheapest one I bought

shoulder a coffin kuro 02I want to mention that the manga I am searching for are complete or mostly complete and are in an affordable price. Luckily the most expensive manga I ever bought was for $59.00. The title was Shoulder a Coffin Kuro volume 2:

(Picture from (—Coffin-Kuro-Vol-2/dp/0759529019/ref=sr_1_1_twi_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1423761059&sr=8-1&keywords=shoulder+a+coffin+kuro+2))

This was bought through At that time this was the cheapest copy with other copies being above $100 or more. Crazy for a manga right? This is a 4-koma manga meaning four panel story for the storytelling. It’s a fun read about a girl with a witch’s curse that searches for this witch with two genetically created little girls who have different powers like sprouting a single wing or changing colors to match their surroundings and a bat that was also cursed by the witch.

The cheapest manga I bought was not one but 4: Stepping on Roses volume 6; Meteor Prince volume 1; Millennium Snow volume 4; and Short-Tempered Melancholic and Other Stories. The price for these four was “FREE.” I bet everyone loves that price. The first three I got from Barnes and Noble as a deal: “Buy two VIZ manga, get the third free.” As a fellow manga and anime lover, I had to take advantage of this limited time deal. The fourth one was obtained through an anime convention held in 2014 in the George R. Brown Convention Center Anime Matsuri. It was my first convention making it a very exciting time for me. I spun a wheel for an anime related prize and got the manga as a result.

I will continue to buy manga that are within my price range, so most of them will be from Barnes and Noble and Half Price Books. If you are interested in these manga then here are the cover art for each of the cheapest manga I have gotten:

stepping on roses vol 6(Picture from (

A poor girl to a rich girl through a marriage of convenience with a very Yandere (crazy) antagonist. The same creator of Tail of the Moon. The price for Stepping on roses volume 6 is very expensive in (Between $400 to $500), so if you want this one then I recommend Half Price or Barnes and Noble.

meteor prince 01 (Picture from (

A very fun read for light heart comedy and a perverted or innocent alien prince. Around $5 to $10 on and around $9.99 on Barnes and Noble. This is still fairly new to the United States just being released this year.

millennium snow 4(Picture from (

The same creator of the love comedy Ouran High School Host Club. This was on a short Hiatus since the writer wanted to finish Ouran first. When Ouran was completed Millennium Snow was worked on again and was finished in this final volume. Around the same price range as Meteor Prince.

short tempered melancholic(Picture from (

This is a collection of short stories by the same creator of Full Moon Wo Sagashite. It was a fun read and not so much drama in a long series. Around $3 to $8 in and maybe cheaper in Half Price Books.

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