One of my early stories that got published

This post isn’t really manga and anime related, but it might be related to light novel. Before I discovered the greatness of light novels, I wrote a story called Paths of Yulan and got it published using my hard earned money to get some pocket money until I find a decent job. Sadly, because of lack of advertisement, not many people bought the two books I managed to publish on and so they are just sitting there. They can still be bought, but not many people know about it. If you guys would like to help me out and enjoy something to read that is most likely a light novel in the making, then please purchase these books or book depending if you guys like volume 1.

paths of yulan volume 1

The first path is crossed in Paths of Yulan. Megumi Yoh was a gifted child in Yulan, who did everything for his family, until one night, a fire took them away. Now he is trying to become an official to find the ones who took away his loved ones to exact his revenge and maybe find something more.

paths of yulan volume 2

Megumi tries to become an Official in order to find the people who killed her mother and sister and kidnapped her younger brother, but her true gender being discovered by Reiji Kou could jeopardize her mission. She must keep her mind clear of this set back and fight through any obstacle that comes her way whether meeting an unlucky Official, fights with Keiki Nue, or even being forced to join a fighting tournament only meant for soldiers and soldiers in training. Megumi is doing everything she can to pass through a man’s path.

If these are popular enough then I will try to find time to publish the following volumes. (Click on the pictures if you are interested in buying the books.)

Announcement concerning stories

Manga Hunter once again. I think I mentioned about stories that I had in Fictionpress being transferred to this site and after some consideration, I decided to take down Kurosagi Child from Fictionpress and have it placed in this site. It will allow me to enjoy it once again, since it has been awhile since I last wrote it. So look forward to it on Friday and this story will have a cover as well. For the ones who have no idea what I am talking about, Kurosagi Child is an old story of mines that I posted and would like to enjoy it again…actually here’s a summary for now, so please enjoy and look forward to it on Friday.

Kurosagi Child

Hatori went to the Kurosagi Complex to get Kurosagi to solve the murder of his wife, but instead finds a little girl with a plate of cookies. Follow the story of Hatori and Kurosagi as they solve cases using Kurosagi’s “Secrets.”


Recently Got Into V

Manga Hunter here! I was so busy at work today and nearly forgot to splurge on my hobby of manga, anime, and light novels. I discovered some new light novels and manga to read, and I actually went back to watch an anime I finished a long time ago just to laugh (not exactly recent, but close enough since I am rewatching).

Lights Novels


Saitou Chie has a childhood friend that has always been the stereotypically manga protagonist. Because of that she is constantly annoyed by his “fanclub.” She isn’t even surprised when he is summoned to a fantasy world and wishes him luck when he suddenly grabs her yelling “Then you come too!!” and pulls her in with him. Now her body has been destroyed because it wasn’t meant to go through the summoning and a god is saying I will give you a new body…

(summary from Baka updates)


A boy, Youki, is reincarnated as a demon mini-boss in a fantasy world, but when the Hero Party comes to kill the Demon Lord, he falls in love with the cute cleric Cecilia. This love at first sight causes a problem as he is no longer a human, but part of the demon enemy she was sent to defeat. What on Earth will happen when he tries confessing to her?

(summary from HaruParty)


Waratte! Sotomura-san by: Minamori Minamo

Waratte! Sotomura-san

(image from Baka Updates)

Mikado no Shihou by: Nakano Emiko

Mikado no Shihou

(image from Baka Updates)

Anime (Not exactly recently discovered, but rewatching so close enough)

Kamigami no Asobi

kamigami no asobi anime

(image from MyAnimeList)

These are enjoyable as far as I know, so why not give them a try? They are comedic, some romance, and some action, so let’s hope I find some more to enjoy. Please support the translators and writers of these works if you can. Just click on the titles to view the light novels online and click on the pictures of the manga and anime to view more information on them.

A sad, but happy day

Manga Hunter here. I woke up this morning with my dad presenting me with an envelope for the job I interviews for…I was rejected and won’t be able to apply for the same position until 2017, so I am still stuck as a part timer. Curses! Putting that aside I have bought a figure I have been looking for, since a month ago. It took so long to find since all the stores I went to said it was sold out and I looked online and it was more expensive to buy online then it was to buy from a store. I searched and finally found it in Frys Electronics: Link Amiibo figure from Zelda. He is the hot one. I bought it for a cheap price, well cheap for me and now it is acting as a reliever for my stress of not getting the job. I won’t sell this anytime soon. Bought it for $12.95, so joy for now.

link amiibo

(image from

I also started to read an online comic that was translated. It has a lot of chapters and zero action, but it is bitter sweet and reminded of all the animals I had. Please support this artist and the translators as well by reading this (click on the picture for more information). It is an enjoyable read.

My Young Cat and Old Dog by: Cho

young cat old dog

(image from Baka Updates)

Found items: the Hunt Continues II

I ate at La Madelines and decided to visit Half Price Bookstore and I found three volumes of a series I am collecting: Hana-Kimi volume 16-18, so three volumes found. With these three I only have one more volume left to find to complete this series. It’s enjoyable to read, especially when there is a guy yelling that he is not gay (he really isn’t). I spent $4.99 per volume for these three and plus tax it was still cheap. Gotta love discount stores, but there is still one more volume to find to make it all complete for this series at least. As a side note, these volumes can be bought on for about $8.99 to around $10.00 not including the shipping price.

hana-kimi 16hana-kimi 17hana-kimi 18

(images from Amazon)

These are the volumes I currently have for the series before I have a complete set.


volume 1

volume 2

volume 3

volume 4

volume 5

volume 6

volume 7

volume 8

volume 9

volume 10

volume 11

volume 12

volume 13

volume 14

volume 15

volume 16

volume 17

volume 18

volume 19

volume 20

(3-in-1 Edition), Vol. 8: Includes vols. 22, 23 & After School

I only have volume 21 left, let’s hope I find it for a cheap price!

Recently Got Into IV

I have got into three light novels that can only be found online as far as I know.


A painfully conspicuous master adventurer, Dale.

Due to a certain request, he set foot in a deep forest and by chance, encountered a severely underweight and thin young girl of magic lineage. Unable to leave the girl, Latina who carried the branding of a criminal, Dale reluctantly decided to become her protector. However―

“Because Latina is too cute, I don’t want to go to work.”

―Before he realized it, he had completely gained a parent complex!?

(summary from Natsu TL)

Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken by: Fuse

Mikami Satoru is a successful, 37 year old adult who has two problems: he has never had a girlfriend; and, while meeting his colleague on the street, Satoru got fatally stabbed. The result? He has reincarnated as a slime. Will that be his third misfortune or a blessing?

(Summary from Circus Translations)

The Man Picked up by the Gods by: Roy

Ryouma Takebayashi, 39 years old, found himself in a strange white room. The gods tell him that he has died and they are sending his soul to a different world, a world where magic exists.

(Summary from NeoTranslations)

These light novels are great. The first light novel in this list only has one intro and chapter 1, but it is full of cuteness. The last two have some action and comedy. Comedy is always good as long as there is a story. The reincarnated slime story just made me love slimes even more…I still destroy the ones in RPG since they are not cute in those. Please support these wonderful translators and the writers as well by clicking on the title of the story.

Update and new story for the site

Manga Hunter here! I have updated I’m the Villainous’ Little Sister who doesn’t even matter, so don’t give me a disaster flag too! Not only that, but I also have added a new story to the site called Precious Stone. It is only the prologue for now since I want to know if people want more of this story. Anyway please enjoy.

I’m the Villainous’ Little Sister who doesn’t even matter, so don’t give me a disaster flag too!

Chapter 7: I’ve Been Left Behind

Precious Stone

Prologue: Destined Meeting

online comics recommendations

Manga Hunter here, I am a bit tired, but I decided to post some online comics that I very much enjoy that have some chapters translated into English and one of them is even licensed here in the States or in English as far as I know.

Black Haze by: Dydyddl7

black haze cover

(image from bakaupdates)

Moon-Ah by: Panma


(image from bakaupdates)

Twelve Nights by: Muryu (licensed by Rolling Story)

twelve nights cover

(image from bakaupdates)

I have enjoyed reading these comics since discovering them during my online comic craze. One is finished (the licensed one), one is ongoing (Black Haze), and one is undetermined for now (Moon-Ah). There is some drama and of course some comedy, so please enjoy them and show the authors and translators your support.


Manga Hunter here. I post stories in and some of my stories have gotten quite a lot of reviews there. but I noticed that it took me a long time to update, so I started a project of my own called THREE OR MORE, which meant that I was going to post a story and post one chapter until three chapters were up. If the story got at least one review then it was in the running to be part of the stories in Fictionpress. If there were no reviews then the story would go down. I did this project to give me time to write the popular stories. Some might be wondering why I am mentioning this, well I decided that the ones with no reviews would be going on Manga Hunter Alive, in other words, this site. This will start when the official project is done.