Long absence

Hey there world…I wonder if anyone is even reading this…maybe I can just babble on. Oh well, anyway, I was making an alphabet post of all the manga I own, but a tragic thing happened: my computer got a virus and all the pictures and lists for the post was deleted. CURSE YOU VIRUS, so I had a long absence. Because of this ordeal, I have decided to dedicate this blog not only to my manga collection, but to some of my anime like stories.

Note: I am not that good with writing in first person, so please don’t kill me if the first person story I am writing has too many errors. Just point them out…not with a gun if possible.

The first story, which will be updated once in a while along with some other stories I have in Fictionpress will be I’m the Villainous’ Little Sister who doesn’t even matter, so don’t give me a disaster flag too! Very long title, but if some of you are familiar with Light Novels then you know I have been reading them when you read the story.

This is the current summary of the story:

I died in a fire and awoke as a baby in an Otome game, but not as the heroine or the villainous, but as the younger sister of the villainous. Why am I doomed to have a disaster end when my only line in the story is “Big sister?” I don’t even have a picture in the game, so why must I fall? I will escape from my destiny. I will get a decent job, get married, have kids, and grow old happy. Those are my goals and disaster flags will never get in my way!

This is fun to write so far and if you haven’t guessed it is a reincarnated in an Otome story. This might appear in Fictionpress if there aren’t any readers for this site, but let’s leave it here for now. I will post the story soon.

Note: I will make a cover for this story when I find someone who can make light novel illustrations for cheap.



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