SO tired, but here are recommendations

Hello, all, I have discovered that I getting some views, but no one likes to comment. Oh well. I am really tired because of a cycle that comes once a month and a nephew that has decided to play Unfair Mario. I am so tired, so I decided to read a light novel that I have been reading since discovering it two months ago. It has also been updated again today.

Close Combat Mage by: Yun Tian Kong

Way back from the station, I was thinking the kana trying to do now. I did get smoothly to believe in the Tanaka-kun us, and try to explain Nante to mothers.
Well, whether here is not Let’s simulation.

“Mom, Tsu memory is about no longer likely to head hurts!”
and “because it may very! disease, ask them to look to go to the hospital in a hurry!”

Become exaggerated. Apart do not not mean head hurts, this is a hold.

“Watashihadare, Kokohadoko”
“I’ll have become funny is head of Aika! When in psychiatry not admitted”

(Summary from Pikatranslations)

It is a very fun read and the main character is kind of adorable at the beginning and slowly gets stronger as the story progresses. Please give it a read and support the author and translator. Click on the title to read the current translations.

I also want to mention of another manga I would love to see licensed here or for someone to finish the translation, so I can read all of it. (skipping to the ending and ignoring the middle part doesn’t count as completely translated)

Sengoku Strays by: Nanami Shingo



(image from mangareader)

Sengoku Strays is another time travel story with some action and a familiar warlord from Japan: Nobunaga. The main character is strong and sometimes very silly. Sadly, there is hardly any romance, but the characters are so lovable that I really don’t care. Please give this a read. (click on the picture for more information)

I did one light novel and one manga, so maybe one anime recommendation will make this post a little more interesting before my energy completely runs out.

The Daughter of Twenty Faces

twenty faces

(image from MyAnimeList)

This anime aired in 2008, when I was still in High School and note: I didn’t discover this anime until 2014. It has excitement, mystery, and some tearjerker moments. I personally liked it, but some might find it too depressing, but don’t worry there are comedic moments and some characters you can’t help, but love. (click on the picture to get more information about the anime)

My energy is about zero, so good night.


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