A sad, but happy day

Manga Hunter here. I woke up this morning with my dad presenting me with an envelope for the job I interviews for…I was rejected and won’t be able to apply for the same position until 2017, so I am still stuck as a part timer. Curses! Putting that aside I have bought a figure I have been looking for, since a month ago. It took so long to find since all the stores I went to said it was sold out and I looked online and it was more expensive to buy online then it was to buy from a store. I searched and finally found it in Frys Electronics: Link Amiibo figure from Zelda. He is the hot one. I bought it for a cheap price, well cheap for me and now it is acting as a reliever for my stress of not getting the job. I won’t sell this anytime soon. Bought it for $12.95, so joy for now.

link amiibo

(image from Amazon.com)

I also started to read an online comic that was translated. It has a lot of chapters and zero action, but it is bitter sweet and reminded of all the animals I had. Please support this artist and the translators as well by reading this (click on the picture for more information). It is an enjoyable read.

My Young Cat and Old Dog by: Cho

young cat old dog

(image from Baka Updates)

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