One of my early stories that got published

This post isn’t really manga and anime related, but it might be related to light novel. Before I discovered the greatness of light novels, I wrote a story called Paths of Yulan and got it published using my hard earned money to get some pocket money until I find a decent job. Sadly, because of lack of advertisement, not many people bought the two books I managed to publish on and so they are just sitting there. They can still be bought, but not many people know about it. If you guys would like to help me out and enjoy something to read that is most likely a light novel in the making, then please purchase these books or book depending if you guys like volume 1.

paths of yulan volume 1

The first path is crossed in Paths of Yulan. Megumi Yoh was a gifted child in Yulan, who did everything for his family, until one night, a fire took them away. Now he is trying to become an official to find the ones who took away his loved ones to exact his revenge and maybe find something more.

paths of yulan volume 2

Megumi tries to become an Official in order to find the people who killed her mother and sister and kidnapped her younger brother, but her true gender being discovered by Reiji Kou could jeopardize her mission. She must keep her mind clear of this set back and fight through any obstacle that comes her way whether meeting an unlucky Official, fights with Keiki Nue, or even being forced to join a fighting tournament only meant for soldiers and soldiers in training. Megumi is doing everything she can to pass through a man’s path.

If these are popular enough then I will try to find time to publish the following volumes. (Click on the pictures if you are interested in buying the books.)

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