Recently Got Into IX

Manga Hunter here! I am still feeling ill, but I will take medicine to get better again. Because of my health, I have only read some new light novels that I have enjoyed.They are cute and of course funny.

The Hero and the Swamp Girl by: Natsume Miya

A story about a swamp rumored to be the home of a monster, a girl, and a hero.

(summary from Otome Revolution)

The Reincarnated Person Doesn’t Want to Cheat by: Natsuki Aoi

Mira peacefully resided in a magical world until a blow to the head caused her to partially remember her previous life in Japan.

The protagonists in reincarnation stories always end up having to deal with trouble, which is the last thing she wants. Alas what awaited her was the selection exam for a magic academy and naturally(?) her special cheat ability was discovered then.

A fantastical tale of a reincarnated girl who doesn’t want any cheats.

(summary from Baka Updates)

Very good reads, even though the second one needs a little bit of editing, but still good.

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