The Hunt Continues III

Manga Hunter here. I am still sick and I have coughed so much that my voice is gone for the night. At least my voice was OK during the day and since Half Price Books was having a 20% off sale for the Labor Day weekend, I dropped by and found some manga I have been searching for and now I have two complete manga series: Hana-Kimi and Stepping on Roses. I also found volume 26 of Fullmetal Alchemist and volume 4 of Revolutionary Girl Utena (one of the yuri manga series I can tolerate).

stepping on roses 4stepping on roses 8stepping on roses 9

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hana kimi 21

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utena 4

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fullmetal alchemist 26

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All these volumes were bought at Half Price Bookstore with a 20% off discount and so I spent about $20 for all these books. Pretty good deal.

I would put the list, but I decided that I will make a separate page for that when I have the time, for now just know that I have all the volumes of Hana-Kimi and Stepping on Roses. (Click on the pictures if you would like to see the pricing on