Recently Got Into X

Manga Hunter here! I have finally gotten a bit better (was awake all night) and I went back to reading more light novels and manga. I read stories with strong female characters that made my heart race in excitement. I love when I find a good story and manga with both good story plots and art. I hope to find more like these, even though I have to admit that the manga I found this time are kind of dark. I guess it is appropriate since we are getting closer to October.

Light Novels

Kansutoppu! by: Rachimu

This story follows Ryua, a girl whose village was razed and villagers slaughtered by demons. After escaping the village, Ryua wandered in the mountains until she stumbled upon a dungeon. A 100 floor dungeon, unknown to others. The 100th floor, deep underground, was occupied by the <King of Destruction> in the guise of a senile old man . After a difficult battle, she found herself boosted to an incredible strength and escaped the dungeon. This follows her adventures afterwards.

(Summary from Baka Updates)

Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru by: Sasaki Ichiro & Marimo

I had expected to die in an accident, but instead I woke up as my vampire princess character from “Eternal Horizon Online”. It turns out that I, along with my assets, territories, and my pets from the game were all transferred to a similar world. When fighting around, I was clearly in a higher position than my followers who are stronger than me. Due to these circumstances, I also had no choice but to reign as the ‘me’ in the game. In addition, demons, beasts, and even the demi-humans of this world turned to follow me as well, and before I realized it I had established a huge empire. Furthermore, mysterious enemies appeared, and caused me trouble to no end…!

(Summary from MadoSpicy TL)


Green Worldz by: Osawa Yusuke

green worldz

(image from Baka Updates)

Tenkuu Shinpan by: Miura Tsuina & Oba Takahiro

tenkuu shinpan

(image from Baka Updates)

These are pretty interesting to read and if you get into it, it can make your heart race. Actually Tenkuu Shinpan is licensed in the states and is being sold in stores like Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million. I might buy a copy for myself when I have the money for it or when it becomes cheaper. I hope these titles continue to be updated to be enjoyed by anime and manga fans. As usual, for summaries and some information on the manga please click on the images and click on the titles of the light novels to read the translated chapters and remember to support the translators as well as the authors who created these works when you can.