looking for a cover artist for cheap and manga recommendation

Manga Hunter here! The stories in the story section are by me, but as you can see, two stories (Precious Stone NPC) don’t have cover pages, so I am looking for someone who can make a cover page for these stories for around $5,00, since that is all I can afford. I will give recognition to anyone who makes these cover pages since I refuse to steal peoples’ works.

Since I am here I want to make another manga recommendation as well.

Beauty Pop by: Arai Kiyoko

beauty pop

(image from Baka Updates)

This manga series is licensed by VIZ Media and I actually started reading it before it was licensed in the States. Of course when it got licensed, I began to collect the volumes until the final volume. The first three volumes I won on auction from Ebay and the rest I bought from Barnes and Noble for discount prices since I had a membership. I love this series and still read it to this day, especially when I want to smile. I don’t think I mentioned this, but reading manga and watching anime helps control my depression. If you want to feel beautiful, have a few laughs, enjoy lovable and yet romantic scenes without it being rated R, then give this lovable series a chance. These volumes can most likely be bought from a Half Price BookstoreEbay, Amazon.com, or a Barnes and Noble. If you find that you like this series then please let me know in the comments.