Update and another light novel recommendation

Manga Hunter here and as promised, since it is technically Thursday, NPC has been updated with a new chapter. The cover page is still in the works. I actually found this chapter kind of cute for some reason.

Level 3: The Swordsman

In other news, I am recommending another light novel I have been reading since the year began.

World Teacher – Isekaishiki Kyouiku Agent by: NEKO Koucihi & Nardack

A man who was once called the world’s strongest agent ended up becoming a teacher after his retirement, to train the new generation of agents.
After many years of training his disciples, he was killed at the age of 60 by the ploy of a secret organization and was reincarnated in another world with all his past memories.
Though he was surprised by the magic and the strange species of that world, he adapted very fast to his condition as a newborn and took advantage of it.
He acquired special magic and gained a massive amount of strength thanks to his tight discipline, in order to reach his goal: Resume his career as a teacher which he left halfway through in his previous life.
This is the story of a man, who, based on the memories and the experiences of his previous life, became a teacher who travels through the world with his students.

(Summary from Defiring)

I discovered this novel when I was reading Destruction Flag Otome in Omega Harem Translation site. I found the novel to be quite the fun read, especially on how the guy was reincarnated and had been training since he was a baby. I look forward to more translated chapters of this work and hope you guys enjoy it too, so show your support to the translators and the creator of this work when you can.

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