Recently Got Into XV

Manga Hunter here! I’m actually very very sleepy,but I wanted to let you guys know about this manga I just got into.

Kami-sama Gakuen @ Armeria by: Kakizaki Muku

kamisama gakuen

(image from Baka-Updates)

Yanagawa Rokuhana is a student from Armeria – a school where only 30 students are attending.
Little did Yanagawa realized that she was actually the chosen one by God to protect the world from the almighty, God of the Death.

(summary from Baka-Updates)

I admit that the summary was a little misleading, but when i started reading, it was practically like Pretear when the main character merges with her partner God and takes like a Valkyrie form and purifies Gods that have become evil. I won’t spoil how she got her God, but he is hot! I actually started reading this because the guy characters were so good looking. I especially love the Death God since his actions are so cute and all he wants is a friend (other people run from him in fear when he is angry). There are only six chapters translated so far, but I do hope for more since there hasn’t been a chapter that I hated so far. I hope you guys will give this a read and as always please support the translators and the creator of this work when you can.

The Hunt Continues IV

Manga Hunter here! As some of you know, I hunt for new manga once in a while and this time I have gathered five new manga to enjoy for my collection even though one of them nearly made me cry.

dawn of arcana 11 dawn of arcana 12 dawn of arcana 13

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I found the last three volumes to Dawn of Arcana. It is a beautiful series and the ending was bitter sweet. This was the series that nearly made me cry. I have the last three volumes, but I better work on trying to get the middle part of this series, so it can be complete. These three were bought from Half Price Bookstore for $4.99 each but with my 10% discount I spent a total of about $14.00.

fullmetal alchemist 27

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The last volume of Fullmetal Alchemist. The ending was quite satisfying and I enjoyed reading it as well. This series will always be remembered, but I better get the books before this to have it complete in my collection. I spent about $9.99 on this since I had a Barnes and Noble’s member discount.

before the fall 5

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The newest volume of the prequel for Attack on Titan released in the States. Before the Fall has the same atmosphere as Attack on Titan with its serious tone of fighting giants called Titans and interaction with their own race. Unlike in Attack on Titan they have yet to make the gear and weapons that can defeat the Titans. As of now, there has only been one Titan killed so far. This story leads up to the current story of Attack on Titan, but it hasn’t reached that point yet. They still need the gear and weapons and this volume ended with another cliffhanger. They just love leaving us hanging. I bought this volume at the same time as Fullmetal Alchemist. I spent about $9.99 on this volume.

The hunt will continue since I am determined to have complete sets in my collection.