Favorite Scenes updated

Manga Hunter here! I finally got around in choosing a favorite scene that wasn’t too difficult to put into script form. It is manga the oneshot manga Dr. Rabbit. As per the definition of oneshot, there is only one chapter, but that one chapter was very cute and had a good storyline to the point that it had no need to continue it was wrapped up perfectly. Anyway, please enjoy the new favorite scene and I want to mention that I added summaries and a cover art (from Baka-Updates) to the only two parts in favorite scenes, so it wouldn’t look too bare and for the scenes to make more sense if one isn’t familiar with the storyline.

Aggressive Bunny

Kurosagi Child Update

Manga Hunter here! Kurosagi Child has been updated for today. This case actually introduces one of the characters I considered my favorite and this was written when I was suffering from my ADD, so this chapter was to make me feel better about my condition…it might not seem that way, but it was the way I coped (might have misspelled that word).

Case 4: Innocent Blood

Before I end this post, I want to ask that you guys please comment when you can since I won’t know what you guys want from the stories unless you say something. One of the things I don’t like are silent readers, who have something to say. Just be a little milder if you have bad comments about the story. I rather it be constructive criticism, instead of insults. Comments also inspire me to write, so please comment.