Recently Got Into XVI

Manga Hunter here! I recently got into two light novels that had the same story premise kind of, but they had their own unique twist that made it interesting. One of them was even made into a online comic with beautiful art, but I recommend that the novel is read first since the art sometimes changes what the characters look like. If you guys like girls that were assassins in their previous lives and find ways to find revenge against people who have wronged them in their new lives, then give these a read.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-nothing Miss by: Su Xiao Nuan

She, renowned assassin of the 21st century, actually crossed over to become Su Manor’s most useless good-for-nothing Fourth Miss. He, the Empire’s imperial highness, Prince Jin, was an emotionless overbearing demonic tyrant with unrivaled talent. Everyone knew that she was a idiotic good-for-nothing and bullied her as they pleased. But only he, the overbearing tyrant with the discerning eye, just wouldn’t let go even if his life depended on it. For the time being, let’s see how the clash of stubborn versus stubborn plays out in this good show of the chaser and the chased.
(summary from Moon Bunny Cafe)

Descent of the Phoenix : 13 Years Old Princess Consort by: Yi Shi Feng Liu (made into online comic)The strongest female assassin from a special assassination force met her death one day on a mission. To her surprise, she woke up in the body of a 13 year old girl, Mu Rong Liu Yue. Through Liu Yue’s past memories, she found out that she was bullied due to the huge birthmark on her face, even though she came from a renowned family. Liu Yue was beaten to death by her own cousin, and that’s how she managed to enter Liu Yue’s battered body. The assassin then decided to live her life as Liu Yue and swore to avenge her death.

(summary from Shiroyukineko Translations)

Completed Series

Manga Hunter here! I have obtained all the volumes of Voice Over! also known as Seiyuu-Ka! I first read this series online before it was licensed in English. At first, I wasn’t quite into it, but I was won over by the comedy and the eventual romance and it also gave me an idea that voice actors, even though they aren’t seen on screen when voicing, also face their own challenges during their work. All the volumes are translated into English and are being sold in the States, so if you guys are interested, go ahead and start buying the volumes to show your support to the licensors and to the creator of this marvelous work. As a side note, I bought this volume for $8.99 from Barnes and Noble with my membership discount.

The Final volume of Voice Over! Seiyu Academy by: Maki Minami

voice over 12

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