Manga Recommendations

All right, I have two manga recommendations and one anime recommendation.


Wild Life by: Fujisaki Masato

wild life

(image from Baka-Updates)

Tesshou is your typical high-school delinquent with a special skill. He has a perfect pitch. This skill enables him to hear things most people wouldn’t. After saving a small dog, Tesshou realises his calling in life is to become a Vet!

(summary from Baka-Updates)

I read this manga when I was in high school. If you love animals and medical procedures that actually show positive results then this manga might be for you. Of course there are some exaggerations in the procedures, but you must remember that this is a comedy manga, but most procedures have a serious tone when it comes to saving a life and some chapters aren’t about just saving an animal’s life, but some humans also receive emergency treatment.

Hatenkou Yuugi by: Endou Minari

hatenkou Yuugi

(image from Baka-Updates)

A young girl named Rahzel is booted out of her house one day by her father with the instructions to ‘see the world.’ And so her journey begins. However, she won’t be doing it alone… for she befriends a stoic young man named Alzeid seeking revenge for his father’s murder.
Alzeid and Rahzel are like oil and water… but even still, they feel strangely drawn to one another. This could be either the result of an underlying attraction — or their shared powers with magic. And so, the two reluctant allies travel from town to town, using their powers to help the helpless, while discovering their own respective places in the world.

(summary from Baka-Updates)

This is a manga I read back in high school during my fantasy phase. I admit I started reading the manga after I heard it was an anime and I have to admit that I love the manga more than the anime. I must also admit that the first few chapters were annoying and somewhat boring, but as the story continues it becomes more interesting and makes you beg for me. This manga s filled with mystery and some romance so most of you would get into it. It was licensed before by Tokyopop, but has since been dropped since the closing of the company, so it can be read online as far as I know.


Occult Academy

occult academy

(image from MyAnimeList)

The story revolves around Maya, the daughter of the former Headmaster of Waldstein Academy, and a time traveling agent Fumiaki Uchida. In the year 2012, the world had been invaded by aliens and time travelers were sent back to the year 1999 in order to find and destroy the Nostradamus Key, which Nostradamus Prophecy foretold as what would bring about the apocalypse. The series then turns to the year 1999, where Maya returns to the Academy with the intention of destroying the Academy by superseding her late father’s position as the principal. Her plan was interrupted when she meets Fumiaki and learns of the forthcoming destruction. Despite being distrusting towards Fumiaki, they form a pact to look for the Nostradamus Key.

In order to find the Nostradamus Key, time agents were provided with specially created cell phones. When a user finds an object of interest, by thinking of destroying it and taking a photo, and if the resulting image is that of a peaceful world, then the subject is the Nostradamus Key. Conversely, if the subject is not the Nostradamus Key, then the photo displays destruction. By using the phone, Maya and Fumiaki investigates occult occurrences as they occur in the town.

(summary from MyAnimeList)

I watched this anime when I was in college. I was in my Urban Legend phase and found this anime interesting. The main girl character is quite the sadist, but she improves as the story continues and the main guy character…let’s just say he is kind hearted. This anime is filled with mystery and you are trying to figure out what caused this man from the future to want to change the past. Let’s just say there are some twists in this anime that makes it lovable.

Those are my recommendations for the day, so as always, show you support to the creators of these works and the translators.