Manga Recommendations starting count I

Manga Hunter here. I had a pretty long day, but I decided to make another manga recommendation.

Lan Chi by: Xu Lu AKO

lan chi

(image from Baka-Updates)

Ming Lan was adopted into a new family, but her foster mother Nan Xi treated her as a replacement for her dead daughter. However, her two new brothers, Ming Qing and Ming Jing did not welcome her. Ming Lan’s quiet life under this new roof was disturbed by pranks and false smiles.

(summary from Batoto)

This is a manga I read just this year. I admit I wasn’t pulled into it right away since the story seemed boring, but after reading a few chapters, I began to get into it and was intrigued about the main characters past. Even now, I am curious about her past, especially when a new character was introduced.

This is my only recommendation today and as always, support the creator of this work and the translators when you can.