Manga Recommendations II

Manga Hunter here with more manga recommendations.

Other Side of the Milky Way by: Zheng Yu Er

 other side of the milky way

(image from Baka-Updates)

Princess Thesia is a runaway alien who has just arrived on Earth while Annie, an extraordinary 17-year-old senior high-school student, is suddenly captured by Oscar, who takes her to another planet, Shuangxing Country. But because the way back to Earth has been damaged, Annie must wait three more years until she can return. Even after confirming that Annie is not Princess Thesia, many strange things happen around her, causing her to be once again mistaken as Thesia. All while Annie’s fantastic dreamland calls her to its unknown depths.

(summary from Friendship Scans)

I have a confession to make: I never really liked science fiction stories, but this one is an exception. Besides it being shoujo, the storyline is very appealing with mistaken identity and a hidden past. I’m looking forward to more and this was updated around two months ago, so I still have hope for more updates.

Rubbers 7 by: Inugami Sukune

rubbers 7 

(image from Baka-Updates)

Welcome to Rubbers 7, a small Japanese convenience store with a reputation for some odd owners. Rumors of mob connections and one rather eccentric boss with a passion for Ping-pong tend to keep business low. But when a young, quiet girl is framed for shoplifting and ends up working for the store. Can her touch, with the help of her unusual coworkers, including a shy boy and a drag queen, turn the fortune of the store around?

(summary from Baka-Updates)

I read this one back in high school and it hasn’t been updated for a long time, but I still have hope that someone will pick it up. This is kind of like a reverse harem, even though it isn’t in its genre description and I only say this since I noticed about three or more guys showing an interest in our main character. Chances are some of you will enjoy the chapters that are translated.

Mademoiselle Butterfly by: Ogura Akane

Mademoiselle Butterfly 

(image from Baka-Updates)

Butterfly is a young geisha in training. She loves and admires her childhood friend, Chinatsu-san. He’s a tattoo artist, and he paints butterflies on her arms and is kind to her. One day she visits Chinatsu and finds a naked woman there. Butterfly is devastated at the thought of her friend with another girl all along. Soon after, a rich foreigner offers to buy Butterfly and take her to live luxuriously in a faraway land with him. She’ll miss life at home, but maybe it will help her forget Chinatsu. But does she really want to?

(summary from Shoujo Manga Maniac)

This one is really an oldie for me. I read this in high school and it as during the time when I was into history (so long ago for me). I admit the age difference between the two main characters did bother me at first, but their love was really pure to my eyes and even though there was so much drama, I found that enjoyed the story immensely. I actually reread it once in a while just to see the romance between the two characters and of course the comedic moments.

Tokyo Crazy Paradise by: Nakamura Yoshiki

 tokyo crazy paradise

(image from Baka-Updates)

It’s the year 2020 AD, and Tokyo II is a city infested with crime. Women can no longer go out in the streets alone without being victimized. Not wanting their daughter to suffer the same fate, Tsukasa Kozuki’s cop parents raise her as a boy. When they are suddenly killed by one of the yakuza’s in-fights, Tsukasa is left orphaned on the streets along with her three brothers.

With no other options, she goes to the only person she can think of for help: poker face Ryuji Shirogami, her classmate of 8 years and also the head leader of the powerful yakuza group, Kuryugumi. Ryuji, whose father was also a victim of the same yakuza fight, agrees to take her on as his personal bodyguard. As they set out to find their enemy, Ryuji slaps an increasing amount of debt onto Tsukasa, using all manner of ploys to keep the reluctant Tsukasa by his side.

(summary from Baka-Updates)

I read this one in high school before Skip Beat came under my radar. There is a lot of drama, but the comedy makes up for it and there is mystery as well. I won’t go into too much details, but the cross-dressing main character is smart when it matters, so she is rather likable. This manga is already complete and translated online, but sadly isn’t licensed as far as I know, so we can only read online to enjoy the work.

Those are my recommendations for the day. I still have a long list of manga recommendations for the future, so look forward to it and as always support the creators of these works and the translators when you can.