The Hunt Continues VII

Manga Hunter here once again and since there were a bunch of discounts on Friday, I bought a whole lot of Manga using Black Friday deals and combination of coupons I have been saving, so each book was from about $5.00 to $10.00. These will be added to the manga list of my collection and considering the time of day in my area, I won’t explain my exact thoughts on these buys, but I will say that these are great reads and I will enjoy reading them all.

Barnes and Noble

Oresama Teacher volume 19 by: Izumi Tsubaki

 oresama teacher 19

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Haven’s You Heard? I’m Sakamoto volume 2 by: Nami Sano

 haven't you heard I'm sakamoto 02

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The Devil is a Part-Timer! volume 3 by: Akio Hiragi & Satoshi Wagahara

 the devil is a parttimer 03

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My Neighbor Seki volume 5 by: Takuma Morishige

my neighbor seki 05 

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Chi’s Sweet Home volume 12 by: Konami Kanata

 chi's sweet home 12

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Half Price Books

Fruits Basket volume 18 by: Natsuki Takaya

 fruits basket 18

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Recently Got Into XXV

Manga Hunter here once again. Thanksgiving is coming and that means Black Friday is also coming, so I might get more manga during the sale…if I have money. Of course this post is not about manga buying, but another light novel I recently got into.

Totem by: Deep-fried Stuffed Bun

This is a world of totems. Here, people believe that power is derived naturally from all of nature: fire, rock, numemon (TL: I don’t even know), wolves, the Twelve-Winged Golden-Eyed Dragon King, even going so far as saying that humans themselves… as long as they are naturally formed, can communicate with this power and summon it as their own “faith totem”. Jiang Nan, an anatomy professor on earth, the kind of unfortunate man who doesn’t even deserve to find a woman in his life, has come to this world.

(summary from Ceruleonice translations)

I really like this light novel and I love the main character about how is such a genius when it comes to the human body, but a dummy when it comes with common knowledge related to people around him. This is another reincarnation story and he does maintain the memories from his past. He is a loser when it comes to love, but maybe he will succeed this time around…as long as no one tries to kill him because of his amazing totem talent.


That’s what I am reading now and as always, please support the creators of this work and the translator when you can.

Recently Got Into XXIV

Manga Hunter here for the night in my area. My feet are still in pain, but that allowed me to get into another light novel…with a sadistic female main character.

The Strategy to Become Good at Magic by: Ling Wu Shui Xiu & Gabu C

Sue Lin the protagonist gets teleported to the online gaming world she’s playing in, reverting back to 4 years old. Watch her cause mayhem in that world!

(summary from wolfietranslation) 

I was quite surprised that this focused more on the girl’s interaction with the magical beasts in the forest when she entered the world, but I have to admit that she can take care of herself, but I must warn you that most of you will be more worried for the animals and her pet than about her. I do look forward to more chapters since it seems to finally be reaching a plot, especially with the introduction of a new character.

That’s the light novel and as usual, please support the creators of this work and the translator when you can.