Light Novel Recommendations

Manga Hunter here! I just remembered that I read these light novels just last year, so I thought I should mention them. I must add that the updates for them aren’t frequent, but they are still worth the read.

Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou! by: Y. A & Fuzi Choco

Ichinomiya Shingo, a young 25 years old, single, company worker, while thinking of tomorrow’s busy working day goes to sleep. However the moment he woke up, it was a room unknown to him.

He then learned that he was inside a 6 years-old boy and had taken over his mind.

Furthermore he learned a lot from the memories of said boy: he was born as the youngest child (8th son and 10th child) of a poor noble family living in the back country. Having no administrative skill, he couldn’t do anything to manage the vast land his family has.

Fortunately, he was blessed with a very rare talent, talent of magic. Unfortunately, while his talent could bring prosperity to his family, in his situation it only brought disaster.

Yes, this is the story of the boy, Wendelin von Benno Baumeister, opening his own path in a harsh world.

(summary from Infinite Novel Translations)

A reincarnation story or body swap depending on how you look at it. I admit that I love these type of stories, especially when the character is hardworking.

Villainess Brother Reincarnation by: Azumi Seika 

What should I do about being reincarnated as a villainess girl’s older brother?

When I heard about my younger sister’s engagement to the prince, I remembered my previous life’s memories. Isn’t this world the otome game that my previous imouto liked!? Moreover, my current imouto, will be causing the destruction end of my family!

This is the brother’s story of trying to prevent destruction flags.

(summary from Baka-Updates)

All right, this one hasn’t been updated for a while, but the chapters that were put up was enough to get me hooked. It makes me hope for the character to succeed in his quest to save himself and his sister. This is another Otome game story, but it doesn’t focus on the female, so hopefully you guys will find this uniqueness in my opinion quite entertaining.

Those are the light novel recommendations and hopefully not the last. As always, please support the creators of these works and the translators when you can.

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