Recently Got Into XXIII

Manga Hunter here! I have started reading this light novel and I can say that I am enjoying it, especially since I have a soft spot for kind hearted girls.

Astarte’s Knight by: Murakami Takashi

My life of being continually abused by my parents ended when I was 18.

The next time I opened my eyes, what awaited me was my life as the lowest class of demon “Ghoul”, protecting one of hell’s castles, Astarte Castle.
The lowest class of demon, “Ghoul”, was my new life.
I was scorned by the demons in the castles for being such a weak, low ranked monster.
But my fate was changed when I met the castle lord’s daughter, Astarte (age 10).

(summary from Xant & Minions)

I really enjoyed this light novel. The main character guy has a lot of issues from his previous life and his current life, but he still has a somewhat kind heart and I like his interactions with the little girl. I hope for more chapters in the future.

That’s it for now. As always, please support the creators of the work and the translators when you can.

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