Visual Novel Recommendation

Manga Hunter here again! I am making another visual novel recommendation.

Princess Arthur by: Otomate & Idea Factory

princess arthur

(image from the Visual Novel Database)

A king has left the world. In this country where for generations the king has been decided by a holy sword, a ceremony would be held to select the new king. Many people take the challenge — only one person was able to pull out the sword. Neither a knight nor royalty, the person was an ordinary girl. Persuaded by the legendary magician Merlin, the girl begins to live as the king without understanding anything. It is there that she meets the Knights of the Round Table. The girl stands on a battlefield for the first time in her life. Weeping as she holds the holy sword in her hand, wondering why she was chosen. The girl knows love. Even as several threads of fate entwine around and trifle with her, she will continue to love only one. And so, the girl takes the sword in her hand. To cut open fate for the one she loves.

(summary from the Visual Novel Database)

I admit that I never played this game, but I know the story and I find it quite the unique twist on the King Arthur tale. I am one of those people who like retellings of the King Arthur tales and the fact that a girl took his role in the game makes it more enjoyable for me and there are many love interests (knights) to go after with their own story. I also like the twist in the hidden extra chapter of this game.


If you guys want to read the arcs of the characters for the game then please click on the picture below.

princess-arthur_00101 summary

(image from Chocolatemix)


That’s the visual novel recommendation for today and as always, please support the creators of the game and the one who made the summary on their site.


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