The Hunt Continues VII

Manga Hunter here once again and since there were a bunch of discounts on Friday, I bought a whole lot of Manga using Black Friday deals and combination of coupons I have been saving, so each book was from about $5.00 to $10.00. These will be added to the manga list of my collection and considering the time of day in my area, I won’t explain my exact thoughts on these buys, but I will say that these are great reads and I will enjoy reading them all.

Barnes and Noble

Oresama Teacher volume 19 by: Izumi Tsubaki

 oresama teacher 19

(image from

Haven’s You Heard? I’m Sakamoto volume 2 by: Nami Sano

 haven't you heard I'm sakamoto 02

(image from

The Devil is a Part-Timer! volume 3 by: Akio Hiragi & Satoshi Wagahara

 the devil is a parttimer 03

(image from

My Neighbor Seki volume 5 by: Takuma Morishige

my neighbor seki 05 

(image from



Chi’s Sweet Home volume 12 by: Konami Kanata

 chi's sweet home 12

(image from


Half Price Books

Fruits Basket volume 18 by: Natsuki Takaya

 fruits basket 18

(image from

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