Recently Got Into XXVII and link updated

I recently got into another light novel and I updated the link for one of the light novels in my recommendations list.

The Cook of the Mercenary Corp by: Katari-jin

I like cooking. But, when I was coming back from shopping I got lost and ended up being the cook of a mercenary unit. I don’t know why this happened but, in order to survive I will make delicious meals… This is the story of the heroic unit which became a legend in the future and the amazing cook who continued to support them.

(summary from Konobuta)

I started reading this just yesterday and it is a little heartwarming and not too much drama, but this is just the beginning, so only time will tell.


I also updated the link for UCHI NO MUSUME NO TAME NARABA, ORE WA MOSHIKASHITARA MAOU MO TAOSERU KAMO SHIRENAI or For my daughter, I might even be able to defeat the demon king written by: CHIROLU. This new site is getting this story updated so look forward to more.


That’s all for today and as usual, please support the creators of these work and the translators when you can.



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