The Hunt Continues VIII

Manga Hunter here after a long break and gaining new manga and an anime for my collection (I might need a new bookshelf soon and Manga pictures were taken using my phone, so sorry for the quality).


Attack on Titan Before the Fall by: Satoshi Shiki & Ryo Suzukaze

Volumes 1 &2


Meru Puri by: Matsuri Hino

Volumes 2 & 3


Big Hero 6 by: Haruki Ueno

Volume 2


Tenshi Ja Nai!! I’m no Angel! By: Takako Shigematsu

Volumes 7 & 8


Dawn of Arcana by: Rei Toma

Volumes 6, 7, & 8


Land of the Blindfolded by: Tsukuba Sakura

Volumes 4, 5 & 6


Ultimate Venus by: Takako Shigematsu

Volumes 2, 3, & 4



Dog & Scissors Complete Collection

 dog and scissors

(image from MyAnimeList)


I got all of these through presents and gift cards. Two of these manga were actually free, since Barnes and Noble is having a buy two manga get one free sale starting today and ending in January 18th. I want to also add that Half Price Bookstores are having a 20% off sale on all items and this sale will last until Tuesday, December 29. I actually plan to get some more manga tomorrow in Half Price Bookstore. As for the anime, it was a gift from a family member.

I also received a Shiro figure from the anime No Game No Life. I plan to cherish this for a long while. I would show you a picture, but I am still getting used to the picture function on my phone, so that picture might come later.

Updates for stories will resume starting Tuesday.

That’s all for now and I hope you guys enjoyed your holiday traditions as well!


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