Recently Got Into XXXV

All right guys, I have gotten into another light novel.

No Fatigue – 24 Jikan Tatakaeru Otoko no Tenseitan by: Amamiya Akira & Yunagi

Coming out from a Game Center, the protagonist comes across a random slasher, gets into a scuffle with him to try save a female high-school student and stabs the slasher who dies. The protagonist is then mistaken as a criminal by a policeman coming at a bad time and is shot to death, ending his 30 year old life….. or so it should have been.

However, a goddess of another world sympathised with this protagonist too much and let him reincarnate in the other world. The condition was to defeat the slasher who tried to reincarnate into the same world.

Thus the protagonist had [No Fatigue] ― he reincarnated into the other world with only the skill of not tiring mentally or physically.

(summary from Ohanashimi)

I have to say that it is very cute with the main character being a baby with the mind of a thirty-year-old man. As you can tell with that sentence alone, this is another reincarnation story and it has RPG elements in it, but there is a good reason for the reincarnation and the guy is actually very smart. I also love how his parents have a big part in the story, instead of just being his guardians. I look forward to more chapters of this work.

That’s it for now and as always, please support the creators of this work and the translators when you can.


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