About updates and cosplay page announcement


IAll right, I am having a major block on Angelic Weapon & NPC and I don’t want to force myself to write these to the point that it is uninteresting, so for this week, these two stories will not be getting updated, so I can get my muse back for these stories.

There will still be an update for Wednesday and Friday, so you guys can look forward to those.

Now you guys are aware that I went to an anime convention and posted a post of my experience along with a whole bunch of pictures of cosplayers. I actually had fun taking these pictures, so I decided to make a page dedicated to cosplayers. This page will be updated after an anime convention I attend and I will try to add links when I can, so these cosplayers can also be given credit for their hard work and imagination dedicated to the anime community. I will also label where their cosplays are from (no real names of people used). With this, I hope you guys look forward to it.

Note: Please let me know what shows, anime, games, or manga these cosplayers are from. I have forgotten. Let me know in the comments with the posted picture as well.



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