Recently Got Into XXXVIII

Manga Hunter here once again with another light novel I recently got into and got permission to link to.

Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter by: Reia & Futaba Hazuki

I was reincarnated as a daughter of a Duke. However, when I regained my memory, I had already reached the “ending.”

My engagement had been cancelled and if things goes according to its “course,” it was set that I will be imprisoned by the church.

(Summary from JAPTEM)

I was actually surprised that I started to like this after reading just two chapters. In this case it is another reincarnated as a villainous character in an otome game, but what makes this different is that she regained her reincarnated memories the moment she reached the bad end of the game. It makes me wonder where this story will be headed, but I look forward to more.

That’s what I have started reading recently, so please support the creators of the work and the translators when you can.


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