Manga Recommendations XVIII

Manga Hunter here! I am making more manga recommendations for the sunny day in my area.

Kurosagi – The Black Swindler by: NATSUHARA Takeshi & Kuromaru

 Kurosagi - The Black Swindler

(image from Baka-Updates)

White swindlers (shirosagi) are those that cheat people to take their money, red swindlers (akasagi) are those that swindle the opposite sex, and black swindlers (kurosagi) are those that cheat the white and red swindlers. After his family is swindled by white swindlers, Kurosaki sets out to avenge them by becoming a black swindler.

(summary from Baka-Updates)

I read this a long time ago and started rereading chapters…on the day I got the e-mail that my card was compromised. Funny how that works out. Anyway, this is basically a swindler who swindles other swindlers and this was also made into a live action drama, which was pretty good by the way. It kind of makes me realize that anything can be a fraud, but you just have to be careful. I think this was the manga that made me start taking pictures when I make important transactions to prevent me from getting swindled. It is also quite satisfying to see swindlers put in place by their own practice.



Samurai High School by: KASHIWABA Hiro

 Samurai High School

(image from Baka-Updates)

In a modern country where the government is controlled by a Martial Shogun and samurai receive much respect, there lives fraternal twins of the Sakakido family. Kou, the brother, is very feminine, excels at cooking, cleaning, arts and crafts. Tsukiko, the sister, is masculine, loves fighting and is a combat genius. The twins learn about the Samurai High School, where men test their strength and women test their femininity, but the only way they can attend is by swapping places. If they are to be found cheating, they will be exiled so they have to overcome their gender differences and maintain their secret.

(summary from Baka-Updates)

A gender bender with gags. I read this a long time ago as well and I remember that each chapter made me laugh as well as root for the main character girl to get the guy…even though the guy is an idiot. The main character girl’s fighting skill is great and her brother is so adorable to the point I want to cuddle him. This is complete, so you guys can read this at your own pace and time.



Those are my recommendations and as always, please support the creators of these works and the translators when you can.



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