The Hunt Continues XII

Manga Hunter here with more Hunt continues’ manga.  I nearly didn’t get these since I was strapped for cash and that was because my card was compromised and I had to cancel it until my new card arrived, so I am forced to pay with cash only for my purchases, so I have to be careful with my spending habits.

One-Punch Man volumes 2 & 3 by: ONE & Yusuke Murata


One-Punch Man volume 4 by: ONE & Yusuke Murata


Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro volume 5 by:  Satoko Kiyuzuki


Library Wars-Love & War volume 15 by: Kiiro Yumi & Hiro Arikawa


All of these were obtained from an anime convention in Boston that my sister went to;; and Barnes and Noble. None from Half Price Bookstore this time.

With the purchase of volume 15 of Library Wars-Love & War, I officially have another complete series. Maybe the sequel series will be licensed as well in the future.

Even with this, my hunt continues, so wish me luck. Also remember to support the creators of these works and the licensors when you can.


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