Poll for stories

I created a poll, so I know which stores you guys want me to work on more. Please also comment what you want to see in the story you voted for.




2 thoughts on “Poll for stories”

  1. I like the way all the stories are going so I don’t have any suggestions. The only thing I wish is for The Paths of Yulan story to be more updated because I have the two print copies of the first two books and I read books 3 & 4 and part of 5 when you had them up at fictionpress.


    1. I remember you. I’m actually still writing this story, but I want to update it every week, so I have more time to write the other chapters. When I have a steady pace, then the updates (hopefully) will be faster. Also thanks for buying the published copies of the book.

      P. S.
      If I have the money, I might republish Paths of Yulan, but this time with anime like illustrations and special chapters, so people won’t just read the online version. If this comes to light, I will announce it in this blog. ^_^


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