Friday Stories Updated + changes to the site

Manga Hunter here! I have updated the Friday stories and changed the theme of the sight. I wish I could make the theme brighter, but I have my limits on a free site. First of all, here are the story updates:

I’m the Villainous’ Little Sister who doesn’t even matter, so don’t give me a disaster flag too

Chapter 38: This is my room, right?

Precious Stone

Chapter 29: Changing the Future

Now for the information on what was changed on the site:

  • A recommendations page has been made to hold the links to the other recommendations that were originally part of the menu bar, so Anime, Manga & online comic, and light novel recommendations pages will be on this page. This was in order to make room in the menu bar.
  • Obviously the theme was changed.
  • Precious Stone has a temporary cover image until I can make a better one.
  • More changes and updates are coming today for the site, so please stay tune.

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