Manga Recommendations XIX

I wanted to make more manga recommendations and I found my anime slide show of all the manga, anime, and games I have encountered. In other words, works I have enjoyed, so I looked through them and decided to recommend some from the list.

Helen ESP by: KIGITSU Katsuhisa

helen esp 

(image from Baka-Updates)

Five years ago, Helen lost her sight, hearing, and ability to speak in a traffic accident. She was living peacefully with her uncle and her guide dog Victor until, one day, she awoke to her mysterious powers.

(summary from Baka-Updates)

This is episodic, but it was cute in its own way. Helen is really sweet and her triple handicap is almost like Helen Keller’s, but in this case, she has her trusty guide dog and her ESP to help her out. She also has friends and her Uncle to help her. This was a short series and it is complete, but it just shows that Helen will be all right despite her handicaps, especially with the support of her friends.

Michibata No Tenshi by: Emura

 Michibata no tenshi

(image from Baka-Updates)

Catolle’s parents are murdered by someone who is after the mysterious Book of Ega,that summons anything with spiritual power only when the owner of the book allows it, and she leaves on a journey to escape. During her rough journey, the ones who save her from exhaustion are people of the Arch family, who make a living as a Chinese Circus.

(summary from Baka-Updates)

I remember that when I first read this, I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much. I love how she summons the supernatural from the book and how her guardian protects her. Adding acrobats to this was also pretty cool. This hasn’t been updated in years, but chapters that were posted were still a fun read. I heard that the ending was rushed, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying what has been presented to me and I still hope that this story would be continued someday.



Unjou Roukaku Kidan by: Sei Gotou


(Image from Baka-Updates)

Kasumi was given a name favored by the gods so she would always be protected. Yet, when there is a drought in her village, she’s the one chosen as the human sacrifice to go to beg the gods for rain. Her parents are sad, but Kasumi goes anyway. When she gets to the heavens, they try to send her back, but she won’t go until her village sees rain, and now she’s determined to become a fairy of the heavens. If it’ll take 1000 years to learn to ride the clouds, she knows she’d better start now!

(summary from Baka-Updates)

I found this story to be absolutely adorable with the use of the Gods and how they interact with Kasumi. I look forward to seeing her grow up. I will admit that this hasn’t been updated in years, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that it will continue being translated someday.


Those are my manga recommendations for today and as always please support the creators of these works and the translators when you can.


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