Tappytoon App

Manga hunter and I wanted to introduce an app that I downloaded that allows me to read some new online comics that I have just practically fallen for.


(image from Tappytoon)

You can download this to your cellphone through Google Play or an App store and the best part is that the download is free. I only discovered this because I wanted to read Café Requiem again, which was originally called Dead Coffee Shop. Through this app, I have started reading three new online comics that have wonderful stories. I just hope one of them introduces a girl character soon. Here are the comics and you can read them too by installing Tappytoon in your phone.

Rewind by: Lala Sisters


Devastated after the death of her only daughter, Eunjo makes the drastic choice to join a group suicide. Instead she opens her eyes to the days before. Fate is cruel as she must now relive each joyful moment with the pain of knowing what’s to come. As she flashes back into the past, Eunjo realizes her future is set in stone…or is it? Can she change the twist of time for the better somehow and save her loved ones?

(summary from Tappytoon)


Flower Boys by: KAAB & Lee Narae


Long Ago, elite young men with bravery  at heart and beauty like flowers, called ‘Hwarangs,’ were tasked with protecting royalty. However, during the chaos of rebellion, 7 dashing Hwarang have lost track of their young king. Now they’ve traveled forth in time…to become the hottest K-Pop boy band in all of history! Will it be enough to catch the attention of their lost king?

(Summary from Tappytoon)



Heartthrob Daycare Center by: Hamil & Suyeon Park


Full of Love Daycare ensures each child is ready for the 21st century, and its team of hunky teachers are the heart-stopping crushes of all the town’s moms. When a fellow newly-wed teacher must have maternity(?) leave, the center hires its first female teacher. Plunked in between her muscle-clad colleagues, can she survive the glares of jealous mothers, let alone the hectic kids in her class?

(Summary from Tappytoon)

I would usually put pictures, but I think for this one, it is best to download the app and see the pictures for yourself, since this is practically a new app and I am not sure about their copyright issues for their pictures.


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