Kurosagi Child Chapter sneak peek

I know this sucks for some of you, but I am still writing Kurosagi Child’s chapter, so to tie you guys over for now, here is a sneak peek for the next chapter that is still in progress. It is actually only taking a while, since I needed to study the zodiac.

Sneak peek:

In the streets of China, a woman in her twenties wandered with a basket filled of fresh groceries covered by the light of lanterns. She heard the wind blow by with a peaceful look on her face. Her mind seemed to wander, so she didn’t even hear the rapid footsteps approaching her from behind. Before she could even react, her head was sliced clean off sending blood flying everywhere. Her decapitated head and body fell to the ground as blood continued to leak from the open neck. A glove-covered hand; picked the head up by the hair tossing it into a blood stained brown sack. The killer kneeled at the neck of the headless body placing a metal kit next to it. The kit was flipped open revealing scalpels and a sewing kit. He then pulled out something else from a different blood stained bag: a sheep’s dead head.

end of sneak peek

That’s the sneak peek, so look forward to it.


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