ComicPalooza 2016

Oh man, I planned to post this yesterday after the convention, but my feet were killing me to the point I nearly cried (blast my flat footedness). Anyway, I went to ComicPalooza on Sunday and I had fun with my father (Father’s Day).


To be honest, on the first half I separated from my father, so I can take plenty of cosplay pictures. The people were really nice and I found their costumes really neat. These pictures will be posted in the Cosplay page of my site.

I took a picture of one man and he turned out to be a traveling minstrel in the convention. His name is Dr. Harmonious, but in other places he is also known as the sixth best Santa Claus and Pirate Santa. He has appeared in TV and even sang on stage. Anyway, Dr. Harmonious sang me song. It was between Steampunk, Pirate, and Renaissance. I chose Pirate theme, since I believed it would be fun. He sang me a Pirate Birthday Song (it wasn’t my birthday, but who cares?). We talked for a while about his career and then went our separate ways. Please click his picture to hear his Facebook.


Dr. Harmonious

Going to a convention, of course I went to the Dealer’s room. As I was walking, while taking cosplay pictures, I saw a booth for Special effects makeup. This booth was called SpatCave Studios. This booth specialized in Special Effects make-up like zombie appearances and made props like zombie heads. I am mentioning zombies here because in this booth there was a service where they can turn you into a zombie using the face spray paint. It was ten dollars and I wasn’t in any cosplay for this convention, so I paid the man and I was turned into a zombie. The fake blood stunk and kind of stung when it touched my lips, but when it dries, it is fine. My short transformation attracted a small crowd to the booth and I got my picture taken by some on lookers.



BB-8 was also present at this booth20160619_115706


With my transformation complete, I continued my exploration. As I walked, some children looked at me and I heard them say, “Walking Dead.” I even got more pictures of me taken.


There was a group of Storm Troopers and Star Wars bounty hunters raising money for a McDonald’s Charity for children, so I got my picture taken (with my zombie appearance). I was chained (plastic chains) and held captive by Star Wars Bounty Hunters (small and big). After my picture was taken, I donated some of my loose change to the organization. They are called the Mandalorian Mercs, a costume club.


I then visited a NASA stand, where a woman demonstrated the early version of the robotic glove that Astronauts used. The information she gave was very interesting to the point that I wanted to try the glove (not allowed sadly).


I saw a small line in front of what looked like a space rover and people taking turns getting on. I learned that this was free, so of course I would line up to get the chance to ride this vehicle. When it was my turn, I had some difficulty with the seat belt, but I got it on eventually and the driver, Bill, took me for a spin. It was so much fun, even though it was short.

After this ride, I met up with my father and we started to explore the convention together after eating some lunch (Starbucks sandwiches and coffee for me). I went to the Dealer’s room again and we approached the area where the famous people were signing autographs. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in this area sadly, but my dad was fanning out when he saw the stars that he admired like a Star trek actor and the original Hulk (forgot their names sadly). I also fanned out when I saw the Red Ranger Jason from the original Power Rangers. I can’t believe he grew a beard, but he looks so friendly with it. Too bad I didn’t have the money to get his autograph.

Moving along, I went to booths looking for something to buy my nephew, but the prices were pretty high, so I stuck with buying him Yu-Gi-Oh cards (most of them were for me). That was all I really bought in the booths, since there was not that much manga. There was a Half Price Books booth, but the manga displayed were ones I already owned. On the bright side, I got a 15% off coupon for Half Price Books. One of the cards I bought was a Toon World, so I plan to sell that to make some extra cash, since I already have two of them.


We passed by a printing booth, where we were free to make some imprints that we were free to keep. I made a wolf knocker print, since it looked pretty cool. My father decided not to participate in the prints and just looked at replica guns. He ended up buying one and I definitely warned him not to point it at people, since it looked so real.


My father and I then returned to the NASA stand and I took a picture of my father in an Astronaut suit. As you can tell by his smile, he had fun with that picture.


As I continued my exploration with my father, a small robot with a card approached me. It was so cute that I just had to take the card it offered. This card advertised a robot competition event happening on June 25, 8AM-5PM (Click on the image for more information)


Speaking of robots, I saw a robot with a gun for a nose roaming the grounds and asking people to move aside. There was also a robot dog that was really polite to people when asking them to move and even pointed out a piece of trash that needed to be picked up. I actually wanted to touch these robots, but I found it kind of rude to do so.

Remember when I mentioned zombies? Well, my father and I saw a car that looked like an ambulance at first, but turned out to be a zombie team hunter vehicle with some undead props in the back. At the foot of this vehicle were some promotional fliers for zombie effects coming soon to the area. I might go to one, if I have the money.

Zombie Run

Creepy Hollow Haunted House

Afterwards, I saw a booth that had a game called “Tell Me A Story.” The object of the game is to tell he best stories using the cards that you draw, which include characters, setting, conflict, curse, etc. The judge (the one assigned the role) will decide which story is the best. I actually wanted to get the game cards, but I had so little money to spend.

Tell Me A Story

Sadly, I didn’t go to any panels, since I was having too much fun with my father.

ComicPalooza was a wonderful experience and I hope I can save enough money for next year, so I can go again and this time for the full three days and not just for one.

Thank you to the people that allowed me to take the pictures and I hope others will enjoy these pictures of the convention and the cosplayers when they can.


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