San Japan Convention 2016

All righty then, I went to SanJapan Convention in San Antonio over the weekend and I have to say that it took me a while to find the positives, since I have discovered that there are really rude people in this world. When I first entered the convention with my mother I was fine and even got some pictures of some cosplayers (Pictures of cosplayers will be located in Cosplay page).

When I was entering the Vendor area was when things started to get bad for me. There are two paths: Exit and entrance. Simple enough. I saw a vendor stand I was interested in and took a quick peek, but the volunteer at the door told me to move and that I was not to enter. I told him that I was just peeking (I was not even entering through that part) and then he told me not to block the path (I was standing in an area that was not blocking the path).  I was quite peeved about that, but I still entered in the right path.

I went to a one Vendor stand that was selling mystery boxes, but I didn’t see the information and asked what the mystery boxes might have. One of the workers of this vendor stand pulled out a sign that was covered by merchandise and shoved it in my face. WHAT A JERK! You are supposed to show good customer service, not treat them like idiots.

I ran into other misfortunes, but I better not mention them, since I might make some of you hate this convention, so now to the positives.

I went to the Funimation vendor stand and of course nearly feinted at the prices of DVDs, but then I saw a brown box labeled $20. I was told it was a box filled with DVDs that were priced $20 each. It seemed like a decent price, so I looked through them and my eyes instantly lit up. I found two DVDs that I have been searching for a long time: Devil is a Part-Timer Complete Series & Code:Breaker Complete Series. They were usually too expensive online ranging from $30-$50. These DVDs were a Blu-ray and DVD combo for $20, so very much a great deal. I bought them on the spot and then went to look at other stands.



I found token machines and spent nine dollars on tokens to try my luck with the cute miniatures. I won miniature bakery bread. I was also given a panda keychain from one of the attendees. My mother offered to pay her, but the girl said it was a gift, since she already had a duplicate of the keychain.


I went to another Vendor stand and bought one Yu-Gi-Oh! Card because it was cute and I bought it for a few cents since it was bent. Cuteness is justice. I remembered my nephew and decided to buy him a Pokémon card, so I looked through them and immediately saw one that my nephew would love: Gyarados. It was a dollar, but it was present for my nephew, so it was acceptable. I looked through other Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, but the only one I wanted was Injection Fairy Lily, but she was WAY too expensive. $40 dollars for a card is too much. I’ll find her cheaper somewhere else.


The last thing I bought were two manga: the last volume of Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden & volume 18 of Itsuwaribito. I would have bought more manga, but I was on a strict budget this time.


I went to three panels, but the first one I went to was a little too boring for me, since it was repeating what I already heard from the cosmetic expert on my birthday. I left after the first slide of the PowerPoint. The other two panels were Anime Games in the form of game shows like Jeopardy and Deal or No Deal. I almost qualified for the first game, but I messed up on the Shakespeare related question. I had no idea that an anime called Othello existed. I watched the game and when it came for the audience prizes (a chance for prizes to be given to audience members), I participated and lucky me, I won a prize: 250 free pachinko balls for the pachinko games on the top floor.  As for the Jeopardy game, I only watched and learned some interesting anime information. Out of the panels, I enjoyed the first game I nearly took part in.


Hosts of the Panel for the Anime Game Show


Two time Winner for the Anime Game Show

I played Pachinko afterwards…I totally sucked at it.

I then played a game where I had to hold a light and tried to protect it. I was stupid and put my own light out, but the game was fun and I am seriously thinking of trying to get it…when I figure out the name of the game.

Well that was my experience with the convention and sadly, I don’t plan to attend it next year because of the misfortune during the convention (positives not included in the misfortunes).

Sunday, I just went to explore San Antonio like the Alamo and the Ripley attractions, while also hunting for Pokémon.  (I also hunted for Pokémon during the convention.)

As a side note: I had to change hotels since Expedia screwed up the reservation. Never using their service again.



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