Story updates and novel recommendations

Hey guys! I am here with the story updates that were supposed to be posted yesterday. I was out again today to do some shopping, but I am now posting the story updates. As mentioned yesterday I’m the Villainous’ Little Sister who doesn’t even matter, so don’t give me a disaster flag too! chapter marks the end of book one and book two will start next week. I hope you guys enjoy.

I’m the Villainous’ Little Sister who doesn’t even matter, so don’t give me a disaster flag too!

Chapter 61: Don’t Interfere

Precious Stone

Chapter 48: Rasmus’s Choice

I am also making some more light novel recommendations that I am enjoying immensely.

Lady Rose Wants To Be a Commoner by: Ice Rain

Due to a false charge, Felicia Suwarose who was admired by the young ladies got her engagement with His Highness annulled and was expelled from school. There’s nothing but misunderstandings all around her, but the person herself only wants a rose-coloured commoner’s life. It’s a story about characters from “Nation’s Saviour Lady Rose”, an otome game from her previous life.

(summary from Space for Memory)

Reincarnated daughter makes mischief by: ナギ

I saved a cat and got crushed flat.
And then I became a daughter in some fantasy world.
I have recovered memories of my previous existence after the accident where I fell from a tree.
But, I am I. My pace.

(summary from Shinsori)

These light novels are worth the read, so as always, please support the creators of these works and the translators when you can.






Been out

I’ve been out all day, which is the reason for the lack of update today. I have a birthday dinner to attend tonight, so I plan to post the story updates tomorrow. As a side note: Little Sister Villainous’ chapter will mark the end of book one. Book 2 will begin next week. Look forward to it.

Random Babble: Escalators and shaky elevators at convention

All right, I feel bad about not having any story updates for today, so I just decided to babble about my thoughts…chances are you guys don’t really care, but oh well. Anyway, I bet you guys are aware that I go to anime conventions, but that’s only when I can afford the ticket. When I do manage to go, it is at a convention center with lots of escalators and elevators. I didn’t realize until I went to a convention, but I might have a tiny fear of escalators.

This is my thought process when going on an escalator:

Me: I can do this. I can do this…

(On escalator and rising)


(Back on solid ground)

Me: That wasn’t so bad.

Note that this thought process always replays when I get on an escalator.

I am fine with elevators unless they shake without warning. This is my thought process in a shaking elevator:

Me: Time to go to another floor.

(Elevator shakes without warning)


(Elevator opens)

Me: Safe.

Note that this thought process only happens on shaking elevators.

I am only a little scared during these escalator and elevator times as you can see, but I would like to know how you guys react when faced with these situations, if there are any. Just write them in comments.

Friday stories update + more

Manga Hunter here with the Friday story chapters of today, but that’s not all. I have felt bad not updating the other stories because of real life, so I am posting two chapters of Book 5 of Paths of Yulan (I am actually writing the chapters that haven’t been posted on Fictionpress still) and a summary of one of the stories that I am writing might be coming to this site A Lazy Second Chance. Besides the stories, I am also making some more light novel recommendations, so please enjoy and review when you can.

I’m the Villainous’ Little Sister who doesn’t even matter, so don’t give me a disaster flag too!

Chapter 60: My Situation Seriously Sucks

Precious Stone

Chapter 47: Gaining the Cat’s Trust

Paths of Yulan

Bunkai 22: A New Day

Bunkai 23: Nue Clan Heir


A Lazy Second Life summary

I am in charge of reincarnations in different dimensions. A single soul only has nine cycles in life before being judged and being sent to the afterlife. There is this one girl that went through eight lives filled with evil and now she is in final life. She should have been able to atone for her past lives’ with this final life and go to heaven as a result. That’s what it was supposed to be…


A girl gets a second chance at life after dying too soon by entering her past selves’ body?

Light Novels

By A Slight Mistake by: 西都涼

Sagara Mizuhime, who realized she had recollections of her previous life while wandering on the border of life and death, woke up on a hospital bed. And she was surprised that the environment surrounding her resembled the setting of 『Seventh Heaven』 which she unwillingly played before. Her role is the perfect young lady who happened to be the rival of the disappointing heroine 『Toujou Rin』.

However, if observed carefully, there were a lot of slight differences from the game. The perfect young lady named Mizuhime became the perfect Prince called Beautiful Crossdresser and her one-year older brother turned five years older.

Without walking along the route of attacking the disappointing heroine, Mizuhime began to choose a proper life.

“Eh? Huh? Why did it come to this?”

What will be the future of the girl who started to roll opposite the direction she wanted due to a slight mistake?

(summary from Fuwa Fuwa Tale~)

Wagamama Onna ni Tensei Shita yo by: B.Branch

I was a second wife of a noble with a son when I transmigrated.
Personality wise, a selfish, hot-tempered and hysteric woman.
The relationship with the husband is completely cold, an existence shunned by everyone.
But, the son is super cute.
Because magic seems to be usable here, I will live with my son happily.

(summary from Shinsori)

Regarding the Display of an Outrageous Skill Which Has Incredible Powers by: Yosei Ichigo

Dragged into another world — Mukouda Tsuyoshi.

Through the appraisal of our status, we can see that apart from mine, the other 3 people who were summoned had the job title of [The Hero from a different world that finally came] while mine was [A person from a different world that was dragged here].

In this world, there exists the complete set of awesome skills such as the Holy Sword technique, Holy Spear technique and Holy Magic.

Despite that, I only have the unique skill called [Online Supermarket].

I who lacked combat skills was quickly regarded as trash.

Nevertheless, the king of the country that summoned us gave an excuse that was totally suspicious.

I often read light novels and comparing the light novels with the events that had occurred, I arrived at the conclusion that [This is no good. This is a hopeless type of cross world summoning story.]. Thus, on the very day that I was summoned, after convincing the king, I managed to escape the castle.

(summary from Novel Updates)

Those are my stories and recommendations for today. As always, please support the creators of these works and the translators when you can.


I have a day off today and decided to go Veteran’s day shopping, while also Pokemon hunting, but as a result: I forgot to finish the story updates for today. Very sorry about that and I don’t like to rush in a story or nothing will make sense. I can’t do it tomorrow either, since I have to go to work to help with the face painting stand for the festival. I am very sorry, so I hope to have the updates next Friday.

Detective work + continuation

Hmmm! I have times when I can’t remember the name of a manga, so I depend on the slides I made to locate the title, but that doesn’t really help, especially when one discovers that they have read over a thousand titles, so I did some detective work. I went to the site where I first read it and then searched using tabs I believed it would fall under, but alas, I believe the title page has changed, so I wouldn’t recognize the image by a glance. I then remembered that I commented one of the chapters and so it would be under my profile. To my utmost horror, I discovered that I have commented over 150 times, so I had to search all those comments and read where those comments came from to see if any of the titles rang a bell. At last, I found the title: Ten Ni Kou by: Sakura Mochizuki. I was glad to find it after a long time, but then I remembered why I didn’t read it after such a long time…ONLY THREE CHAPTERS WERE TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH! I felt so sad. This manga had the whole Fushigi Yuugi vibe I missed and yet I can’t read the next chapters.  Not only that, according to Baka-Updates, there are at least 10 volumes and still ongoing. I would like the scans (if they can be found) to be translated or for this wonderful story that got me hooked after three chapters to be licensed in English, so I can add it to my overflowing bookshelf. CONTINUATION!

By the way here is the manga image along with the summary.

Ten Ni Kou by: Sakura Mochizuki


(image from Baka-Updates)

An Oriental styled romance that transcends across time! Takamori Suzuka is a high school girl that isn’t very good at talking to boys. One day, Suzuka was pushed into the ocean by a mysterious women and finds herself in Shao, a strange land that resembles China. Unable to communicate with the locals, a nonchalant young man, Gao Xing, and his handsome friend, Yong Yang, come to Suzuka’s rescue. They turn out to be members of a noble family in Shoa. Suzuka begins to warm up to Gao Xing and Yong Yang due to their kindness… but suddenly, Gao Xing proposes to her!?

(summary from Baka-Updates)

As always please support the creator of this work and the translator when you can.