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Hey guys! I wanted to make some online comic recommendations, but I also wanted to promote the site I was reading them from (I read these comics using the app from the site on my phone). The name of the site is Spottoon. When Twelve Nights got licensed, I tried to look for the company that licensed it, so I could read the chapters I haven’t read yet. It took me months to find it, but I found it and downloaded the app for free, so I could read Twelve Nights. It was renamed Twelfth Night.

I immediately started to read, but then I discovered other online comics I haven’t seen before and grew interested in. Actually one of the comics was one I wasn’t even aware was licensed: Anti-Anti-Angel, which has been renamed Be Angel’ed. This explained why the chapters were hard to find, so I had new chapters to read and had my squeal moments when it came to the couple I was shipping. It was the same for Howling: The City of Nightmares. After season one, I waited for Season 2, until I realized it was licensed and found it on this very site. Season 2 is getting interesting.

Now to the online comics I haven’t recommended that I grew interested in this site (organized by update schedule).

Note: The links for the pictures will only lead to the main website. Please use the search tool of the site to find the comics that are recommended. Also the pictures were provided by Spottoon.


Unuzooal Zoo by: Hun (licensed by Spottoon)


(image from Spottoon)

Just when Cheolsoo’s world ended after watching his crush marry another guy, he lost his job as a zookeeper as well. While he drank his life away, a brilliant idea came to his head…

(summary from Spottoon)

I actually started reading this, since I wanted to know what was so unusual about the zoo. I figured it out and was quite surprised how different this story was compared to my other reads. The main character guy is quite weak mentally when it comes to his broken heart, but it allowed him to make new friends and create a zoo that was popular for a short while. In the end…I guess I should leave that for you guys to discover.


The Friendly Winter by: Jun Lee (licensed by Spottoon)


(image from Spottoon)

Da-Jung is a feisty 19-year-old in a 9-year-old body due to a growth disorder. She develops an unlikely friendship with a 17-year-old boy, Min-Sung, who has a mind of a 7-year-old. Through their friendship, they expose and heal the wounds they both have internally. And surprisingly, their friendship also heals people around them as well.

(summary from Spottoon)

I am actually still reading this from the beginning, but it is a very interesting story about some special cases with people. This is a story about their struggles as well as the good times. There are times when I can connect to these characters, since…let’s just say I have my own circumstances when it comes to special needs children.


Heaven at the End of 4th Floor by: HYOZ / YEN (licensed by Spottoon)


(image from Spottoon)

A ghost cannot move to their afterlife if they’re holding a grudge in this world. While trying to find out why she’s still stuck at her high school, ghost girl Yoon longs to have a living friend. One day, a handsome boy named Sean visits her in the utility room, and he willingly becomes her friend. They soon become best of friends, but Yoon finds out that Sean is suspiciously involved in her death.

(summary from Spotton)

I really like the supernatural, so I just had to read this comic. The main character ghost is quite adorable and the Shinigami that wanders the school like a sheriff is cute in his own way. As the story progresses, you learn the back story of the ghosts and the love that is blooming in the main character as she interacts with the living boy, who seems to be the only one that can see her when it comes to the living. I look forward to the reveal of the truth of the ghosts and if more Shinigami will appear in the school.


Ero Ero SOS by: Lalasister (licensed by Spottoon)


(image from Spottoon)

A famous actor, a woman on the run and a handsome robot find themselves amongst a group of survivors after their plane crashes onto a deserted island. Romance, mayhem and hilarity ensue as they all try to survive their new surroundings and each other.

(summary from Spottoon)

I admit that I was kind of iffy, when I first read this, especially when I first read the title, but I gave it a chance and it was so worth it. Besides the perverted stuff that shows up once in a while, the jokes make me laugh. So far, my favorite joke is the first words of reunion…you will have to read it to see what I mean. This story has comedy, but it has its dramatic moments like when it dives into the past of the survivors like the main character girl and the famous actor. I admit that the famous actor is dislikable, but he slowly grows on you, especially since he is comedy relief.


Twelfth Night by: Muryu / Muryu (licensed by Spottoon)


(image from Spottoon)

Flames spread like disease as the royal palace falls victim to murder led by greed and betrayal. Forced to escape from the catastrophe, two young survivors seek help from a courtesan of Yu Hyangru. To reclaim what has been lost, the plan is set within the heroic guise of the Crimson Moon. However, as the mysteries of the past begins to resurface and dark secrets start to unwind, a cruel fate awaits for each and every encounter.

(summary from Spottoon)

I know I recommended this before, but I didn’t write a review, so here it is. I have to admit that I love stories that are based in the past, especially with the Asian twist. This is a revenge story so far, but there is romance that will most likely end tragically. The runaway prince trying to take revenge cross dresses and has gained the affection of the emperor, his enemy. This is not a boy love comic, but I find the interaction between the two quite interesting, especially since I know the truth as a reader. The girl character…I don’t really like her, but she is needed for the story to advance, so I tolerate her. The action in this is also pretty cool, especially with the colorful artwork to compliment it.


Howling: the City of Nightmares by: Jae-Gwon Hyun/Yuno (licensed by Spottoon)


(image from Spottoon)

Beautfiul women are being targeted and horrifically killed by an unknown assailant. Cries for justice pour into the police department but the team assigned to case is nowhere close to catching the evasive killer. But suddenly a reclusive young man with a mysterious ability arrives to offer his assistance and he may hold the key to finding the answers the police so desperately seek.

(summary from Spottoon)

This is another online comic I recommended a long time ago, but this time, I was able to read season 2, which has a completely new case for us to enjoy. I admit that I don’t usually like just single cases and end up skipping around, but I didn’t do it with this comic. I read through the first season and enjoyed every minute of it, especially when the main character outsmarts the detectives. His power is also one that I found quite unique when I first read it.

Gallery L by: Jo-Hong & Lamia (licensed by Spottoon)


(image from Spottoon)

Soon-jin’s life is a complete mess and her future looks bleak. But hope, magic and romance enters her life when she meets a mysterious and handsome man who offers her a job at his cafe, Gallery L.

(summary from Spottoon)

I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this, but just like the other recommendations I make, this is very enjoyable. The main character girl has her worries, but she manages to persevere with a smile and on the side try to gain the affections of her boss. This is a supernatural story concerning memories and where they are attached. There are heartwarming moments as well as sad moments, but everything happens for the best.


Be Angel’ed by: Chara (licensed by Spottoon)


(image from Spottoon)

Sophie has had the ability to see angels ever since her mother died in front of her as a little girl. When she is appointed a guardian angel because of the danger she poses to the heavens, she inadvertently becomes a pawn in a plot for revenge by a handsome demon who also tries to win her heart.

(summary from Spottoon)

This is another one I recommended on this blog, but it is time for the review. I know the name of angels and some demons, since I had to go to Bible school when I was younger, so I was quite excited to see some names I was familiar with. When reading this, think nothing of religion, so you won’t get offended, and then it is a very enjoyable read. The comedy is the right dose and the romantic moments that manage to squeeze in makes my squeal in delight. Season 2 just started for me and I am reading when it gets updated.


Undead King by: Jun-Sik Yoon (licensed by Spottoon)


(image from Spottoon)

In a post-apocalyptic world, a group called the Nemesis infected the country with a contagion that transformed the population into flesh-eating zombies. A mysterious man known as the Undead King tries to fight back with a group of survivors and supernatural creatures called gangshi. A young high school boy finds himself drawn into this fight and struggles to stay alive while also trying to protect a young girl ganshi named Yoo Yoo that was left in his care.

(summary from Spottoon)

This ii the one I read during my zombie craze phase (a need for zombie stories). The main character was kind of weak in the beginning, but as the story continues, he grows stronger physically and mentally, and his interaction with his zombie partner (fighting partner) is cute at times, especially when she calls him Unni (older sister). There were times when I would actually scream at my phone for them to run if the zombies were getting closer or if the zombies appeared too strong. Even though this is called Undead King, he’s not really the main character. The story is also slowly revealing the cause of the zombie outbreak and it could be supernatural.


May I Shake Your Hand by: Linwoo/Noe (licensed by Spottoon)


(image from Spottoon)

Lynn has a special ability where she can foresee the image of the last goodbye if she holds a man’s hand. She’s on a search to find her last love where she will only be separated by old age.

(summary from Spottoon)

This is another kind of psychic story. The main character girl is looking for Mr. Right using her power and it looks like she might have found him, but it is still a mystery on how she will get him or if this guy really is her Mr. Right. There aren’t that many chapters released yet, but I hope for a great development in the story and for her not to depend on her power all the time when looking for love.

I Am Mob by: Zephy (licensed by Spottoon)


(image from Spottoon)

A hopeless low-level orc warrior in an old RPG game finds his life turned around when he marries a beautiful elf and has a son who, unlike him, is incredibly handsome and a high-level warrior. As the orc tries to raise him as the ‘boss mob,’ his son runs away from home only to face a breathtaking journey in the wild world of games. He now must go after his son before his entire world spirals out of control.

(summary from Spottoon)

I actually didn’t expect to like this story so much. I have to reread some chapters, but the story itself is interesting. Remember how you would go into a dungeon in games and slay monsters? Well this story shows how the monsters act when not on the job like gaining money and finding love and having kids. The orc main character is such a lovable father to his half elf son. His son is actually really adorable. A conflict is happening in the story that could mean deletion for them, so I will continue to read to see where this is going…I also want to see more of the son, who tries to fit in with players.


Wow, that was a long list of recommendations. Well, all of these are licensed by Spottoon, so please use the app that can be downloaded for free in Google Play and iOS stores or go to their main website to read these works. The chapters are in free rotation, but if you want to read ahead or read previous chapters that have been locked, you can purchase locked chapters for $0.99 each (the last time I checked). I have only purchased some chapters when I was really impatient. Anyway, give these a read and thank Spottoon when you can for providing these in English. Yeah!!


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