Donation bar update

If you guys visit my site enough, you might have noticed that the donation bar was toward a paid site, but because technology has been a jerk, I have to save money for a new laptop and for Microsoft Office. The reason for this: My Microsoft Office on the main computer is no longer usable because it expired for some reason and the laptop tried to destroy my flash drive when I inserted it (the flash drive was saved). The laptop most likely acted up because it fell on the floor…hard. With these reasons, I will try to update when I am at the library…as a patron. Technology can really be mean at times. The goal for this is undetermined, since I have to see what I can afford and if I can afford it. Only donate if you can. Please do not force yourself to support me. If I can at least get my laptop fixed without it trying to destroy my flash drive data then things might improve. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Note: Laptop still works…only the flash drive slots of the laptop sucks, so I can at least write a post. 


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