Random Babble: Fun Center Children Misunderstandings

Manga Hunter here! This isn’t a story update, since I am still writing the chapters when I have the time. Instead, I just thought I should write some randomness like when I told you guys about my thought process when it comes to escalator and elevators, so at least I have some new content for today.

This time it is a time when I was dealing with children in a Fun Center I used to work in. I won’t tell the name of the place, but just know that it is a Fun Center. In this Fun Center was a jungle gym that I supervised when I was scheduled to work. Lots of children came to this attraction and would talk to me once in a while. I didn’t know how to deal with children than, so I said some stuff I didn’t know they would not understand.

Take this one time with a small girl. She was playing in the jungle gym and then asked me if the water fountain near the bathroom had water.

Me: Oh yes, there is just good old H2O in there.

The little girl just nodded at me, but when her mother went to get a drink from the water fountain, she grabbed her mother’s arm with a panicked expression and exclaimed, “NO, NO, NO there is H2O in there!”

Her mother and I were laughing. That’s when I learned not to use chemical terms with a child. It sounds like a poison apparently.

Another child I dealt with asked when the jungle gym closed.

Me: The whole place will close when the lights are out.

When the sun began to go down, I tried to help the child to the second floor of the jungle gym, but then he tried to run back down as he exclaimed, “The stairs are going to close!” Imagine Indiana Jones running from the boulder here.

I guess my statement made the mistaken assumption that the stairs turns into a monster’s mouth that closes when the sun goes down. I guess I should have been more specific.

I deal a little better with children now after I left the Fun Center. The lesson here: Be careful what you say to children.

Chances are that you guys don’t read this, but please know that I am writing these stories to the best of my ability and hoping to update on time.


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