An apology and A short story

Sorry guys. I have been busy, so the chapters won’t be posted today. They will appear next week definitely and if you guys visit from Tuesday to Friday, you might notice more updates that you guys might enjoy. For now here is a short story I wrote a long time ago. I hope you guys like it.

Forest Beat

Years past me like the wind and yet I never age. My father did something to my body that prevents me from aging. What my father did to me, I cannot explain, but I know that it happened over a thousand years ago. I am nothing but a monster in people’s eyes, so I remain in the forest where no one can ever see me. I never eat or sleep, so how am I still alive?

A storm is approaching. I remain under a tree as the rain beats down in my forest. I hear something in the distance. Someone is crying. I walk through the mud toward the voice. I see a man crying over a dead boy. The man saw me and begs me to help the boy. I can do nothing, except offer a flower. I leave hoping not to see him again.

I return three days later to where the dead boy should be. I see the same man placing flowers on the boy’s grave. He sees me and beckons me to come. I leave without a second thought.

I return two days later to where the grave should be. I see the man again with bread and water in his grasp. He offers me a piece of his bread. I leave once again.

I return after a day to where the smell of bread should be. I see the man just standing with a bottle of water. He offers me a drink. I leave again.

On a snowy day, I return to the place with spring water. I see the man in a thick coat with a blanket in his hand. He wraps me with the blanket and this time I remain. We talk and he laughs. I haven’t felt the warmth from a man for so long.

On a day when the sun was up, I return to the man. He gives me a flower and a kiss on my lips. I feel a warmness that I have never felt before. The man leaves and never comes back.

I wait next to the grave for fifty years with thoughts of the man hoping for his return.

Another fifty years and I am still waiting.

On a rainy day, I hear a cry near the grave. I walk through the mud toward the voice. I see a boy crying next to the grave. The boy sees me and begs me to protect him. I offer a flower and this time, I stayed.

The man broke my heart and yet he still left me with a gift in the form of a boy. My love in the forest is eternal.

The End


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