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Manga Hunter here with a review for another App I have been using every day, since discovering it: Tapas. Tapas is an App where you can read online novels and comics. The download for this App can be found in Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for free, the last time I checked. I mostly read comics on this app, but I read a few novels. In order to read on this app, you need to buy coins or watch ads to get a certain amount of free coins. In my case, I watch some ads, but when I start memorizing the script of the ad, I just buy 10,500 coins for $9.99, which lasts me a good month or two, unless I am trying to buy a whole series in one sitting. Some of the comics and novels are free to read, but it is nice to tip (another feature on the app) the writers when you can to show your appreciation of their work (note: some writers do not have the tipping feature yet).  This app also allows a person a chance to self-publish, but I won’t go into too much detail for that.

All right, time to review the works that I got into using this app. By the way, some of these works were only read because I found them in my Daily Snack, which are recommendations that go to my inbox every start of the day (another feature to enjoy). If you like these works, please bookmark them for your library.

Note: Clicking on the title or the picture will lead to the site itself, so please search for the title you want on your own. This is to prevent any copyright problems.

Online Comics

Woman’s Best Friend by: Dodam & Hyun Sung Lee (licensed by Tapas)

 woman's best friend

(image from Tapas)

There’s a crazy dog at Sungwoon Publishing Company. It has an expressionless face, a monotone voice, cold and dark eyes, and a difficult personality. Its name is Woojoon Seo.

But is this man really crazy?

Taeryung is exhausted from love, work, and even her own family. To the tired Taeryung, Woojoon’s gentle and tender actions seem more like of a loveable pet than of a crazy dog. She doesn’t know what to make of him! At times, he seems like a loyal Doberman and others, a cute Maltese. What’s a girl to do?

(summary from Tapas)

When I started treading this, I thought this was a reverse harem, but it turns out I was wrong, but the story draws you in. There are times when you want to strangle one character, but karma seems to be doing that for us. It is a cute story about finding love and fighting for the life that you want. I do want to go into more detail, but I wouldn’t want to spoil it.

Therianthrope by: Rigrug (licensed by Tapas)


(Image from Tapas)

In a world where war is rampant among clans, kingdoms, humans and non-humans. An amnesiac girl named Aria Gayle discovers that human-morphing monster known as ‘Therianthrope’ is in pursuit of her. Along with a few trusted companions, she embarks on a journey to fight and find answers from those after her. However, the deeper she delves into the more muddled it gets, as not everything is in black and white…

(summary from Tapas)

I am still in the process of reading this work, but so far I am hooked. The girl has amnesia, but as the story continues, it shows that her past might be pretty violent. So far my favorite character is her somewhat adopted brother. He gives this story the kind of fluffiness I need once in a while when reading a serious work.

Nice to Meet You by: Wishroomness (licensed by Tapas)

nice to meet you 

(Image from Tapas)

A simple Hello can lead to million things.

You’ll never know someone was a stranger to you will be the person important to you.

A series of light-hearted romcom meeting this one quirky girl, Mew.

(summary from Tapas)

This one I found by chance when looking for a new comic to read. This is obviously a love story, but what makes it cute is that the main character girl, Mew, is oblivious to the guy that has an interest in her. If you haven’t noticed, she shares the same name as a rare Pokémon and that does play a part for comic relief, since the popular game: Pokémon GO makes an appearance in this comic. I’ll let you guys guess how Pokémon GO is used as comic relief.

Oblivion Tears by: Livys (licensed by Tapas)

 oblivion tears

(Image from Tapas)

『 What if the key to the most powerful strength was crying ? 』

An unknown world. That is where Choko appeared. A little, clueless mute girl, lost and desperate with nothing but a pendant that gives her enough strength to lift up five buildings.

On the other side, there is a dead man. Or, rather, /was/ a dead man. Brought back to life by Choko, Ryuza now needs to help the girl out in order to find his eternal rest.

And so the story begins.

(summary from Tapas)

This comic got me hooked when I saw that the main character girl was a little girl. When a main character is a little girl, she is underestimated a lot and that can tie into some funny situations. The male lead at the point of the story I am on is quite overprotective on her, but that might be because she has the power to grant what he wishes. There are also some side stories (might not be part of the main story) that can make you giggle.

Marchen Witches by: Verbin (licensed by Tapas)

 marchen witches

(Image from Tapas)

300 years ago, a witch and a knight fell in love. Forbidden to be together, their love ended in tragedy. Now, the witch reincarnated as Schwann Owen is on the search to find his knight. Will he be able to find his love?

(summary from Tapas)

This story here is very much complete. It has a bittersweet love story with reincarnation as the main point. I guess I would count this as a gender bender as well, since our main character was a girl in his previous life and he is having a bit of an identity crises when he meets the reincarnation of his past love. There are some ups and downs, but everything ends with a happy ending for the main pairing, so no worries.

Phantom Edge by: Anakris (licensed by Tapas)

 phantom edge

(Image from Tapas)

Aurora would be an ordinary student… if it wasn’t because she has the ability to see spirits and other paranormal stuff since she was a child. Her whole life changes when Ciel crosses her path.

He’s an “Angel” and his mission is to hunt the mysterious monsters called “Revenants”.

(summary from Tapas)

This is a supernatural comic that hasn’t been updated for a long while, but the chapters that are up pulled my interest in. The main character girl can see spirits, but some are more violent and aim for human souls to devour, so the story is her discovering the potential of her power in the supernatural and assisting the male lead when she can. Dimensions play a part in this story as well.

Musketeer by: Jun-Hyung & Park Sung-Woo (licensed by Tapas)


(Image from Tapas)

In ancient East Asia, only the best warriors are chosen to defend the dynasty. Even among the best, only three stood out. These three warriors were called “The Musketeers.” From the creator of The Wave comes an action-packed comic of pride and honor.

(summary from Tapas)

This story hasn’t been updated for a while either, but the art is beautiful and the story begins to draw you in, especially when the story behind the main character slowly begins to reveal itself. This may be a gender bender, since the main character is mostly likely hiding their gender to become a musketeer, but whether this is true or not, is kind of hard for me to determine, so I might have to reread this when I have the chance.

They Say I was Born the King’s Daughter by: Legna Kim & Bi Chu (licensed by Tapas)

 they say i was born the king's daughter comic

(Image from Tapas)

Comic based on the hit novel.

Royalty isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

A murder victim is reborn, fully conscious of her past life, as a king’s unwanted daughter in a new world where despite the end of all wars and advancement of science, misogyny reigns.

(summary from Tapas)

According to Tapas (the last time I checked), this is the most popular bought comic in their app and I can definitely see why it is popular. It was this comic that helped me discover Tapas in the first place. The art is beautiful and the main character girl is not that hateful, since all that she does is in order to survive. Her heart, since the beginning belongs to one person, so the fact that she is not fickle when it comes to who she likes makes me pretty happy as a reader. I just hope the comic gets updated soon.

Jack: the American Ghost by: Ji-Hye Han & Jung-Eun Ahn (licensed by Tapas)

 jack the american ghost

(Image from Tapas)

Can you survive the night?

(summary from Tapas)

I recommended this one before, but I have now read all of the chapters unlike the last recommendation of this. The first season was about passing the haunted house of Jack and then the choice of whether to live or save the person you love. The second season was more focused on the romance and on beating the blasted devil in his own game. I would like to go into more detail, but I don’t want to spoil it too much, but know that this comic is worth the read and has a happy ending for our main characters.

Adonis by: Team Adonis (licensed by Tapas)


(Image from Tapas)

Ianna and Arhad had much in common. They both only cared about themselves, and were madly obsessed with each other. The difference is one wanted the other’s warmth, and the other wanted submission.

Though Ianna’s life ended in a heated battle against Arhad, the Kingdom’s emperor, she is reincarnated into the same life for reasons unknown.

Two people who faced misery in their previous life now have a chance to meet again. Will the same tragedy repeat itself, or can Ianna change the course of history?

(summary from Tapas)

This is a second chance story, which means having a chance to correct past wrongs. The main character girl is serious, but I like her character and she has some funny moments when it comes to showing her true potential in the sword and as a future warrior. There doesn’t seem to be much romance, but that’s OK, since the main lead hasn’t even made an appearance yet in her new life. This hasn’t been updated for a while, but I still hope for this to be updated someday to continue her story and whether she will follow the path to the man who loves her.

The Five Hearts by: Yeun-Sik Jeong (licensed by Tapas)

 the five hearts

(Image from Tapas)

Eun-ah is the only survivor of a brutal attack on her family by a deranged serial killer. She is left paralyzed from the waist down and becomes obsessed with finding and killing the person who destroyed her life. She assembles a group of outcasts, each in need of an organ transplant, with the promise that if they help her, she will give them her own organs in return.

(summary from Tapas)

This is a revenge story of a mother (the main character) trying to kill a serial killer. I don’t think I need to tell you guys what the serial killer did to her family. She employs the help of some people using her body as payment (not in the inappropriate way) and with the help of these people, she succeeds in her revenge, but for more detail it is best to read the story. The art takes time to get used to, but the story is worth it and it does make you nervous when the serial killer appears. This story is complete, so I would recommend buying all chapters when you can to enjoy this rollercoaster of a story.

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor by: Do-Kyung Lee & Tae-Hyung Kim (licensed by Tapas)

 The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

(Image from Tapas)

Hyun Lee lives with his grandmother in poverty, working part-time and trying to make ends meet. One day, he enters a virtual reality game called Royal Road. Why? To earn money.

Though he wants to earn money through the game, he is only a sculptor that makes very little. From getting free lunches by flirting with NPCs to grinding day and night to level up his skills, he is determined to create an avatar that can save his family from hardship.

(summary from Tapas)

I read the light novel of this way back and just started reading this online comic. I enjoy the art as it shows in visual what I read in the novel with a few changes here and there, but it is worth the read and comical when it comes to the main characters obsession with money.


RAGE by: NC COMIX (licensed by Tapas)


(image from Tapas)

Beautiful delivery girl Asha’s adventure in Akoom planet.

(summary from Tapas)

I just started reading this one recently. It only has two chapters so far, but the art is really good and the character is already likable in my book, so I will definitely look forward to reading more of this work.

Light Novel

They Say I was Born the King’s Daughter by: Bi Chu & Kristianna Lee (licensed by Tapas)

 they say i was born the king's daughter novel

(Image from Tapas)

Royalty isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

A murder victim is reborn, fully conscious of her past life, as a king’s unwanted daughter in a new world where despite the end of all wars and advancement of science, misogyny reigns.

(summary from Tapas)

This is the novel that the online comic of the same name was based off of. This story is complete, so you can read what the online comic hasn’t covered yet. Through this story, you will realize how messed up this world is when it concerns female rights, but the main character finds a way to pull through and that will lead to her happy ending, even though at some points, you might think it would end tragically. All ends well, so give this a read as well.


Wow, I really do read a lot on this App. Anyway, please give this app a chance to show you more works that I hope you will all enjoy. Also please support the creators of these works when you can.

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