Another manga complete series

I am called Manga Hunter, so I still search for manga and I am proud to announce that I have another completed manga series in my collection. I wonder if people remember this one.

The Name of the Flower by: Ken Saito


Devastated by the loss of her parents, 18-year-old Chouko loses her will to live. After staying with several different relatives, she settles in with a handsome young writer named Kei and finds solace in tending to the flower garden. Kei’s a solitary person who doesn’t quite know how to deal with this emotional young woman, but Chouko’s dedication eventually leads him to accept her presence. Will their mutual affection grow into something more?

(summary from Baka-Updates)

Anyway, this manga series is short, but heartwarming, so if you are able to locate the volumes (Ebay and Amazon might have it) then please purchase it and enjoy it.


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