Anime Matsuri 2021 Review

Manga Hunter here after another long absence. I meant to make this post yesterday, but I was exhausted after the long weekend at Anime Matsuri 2021, so here is the post now.

Anime Matsuri for 2021 was interesting, but I admit that I was disappointed at some points because of cancelled events, but that didn’t stop me from meeting cool cosplayers, exploring the Artist Gallery, shopping, attending the Cosplay café, viewing cars & performances, and attending some panels (one of them being mine).

My favorite cosplay was on Thursday, a mother daughter pair dressed up as Emma and Mother Isabella from Promised Neverland. I think I heard their names, but for confidentiality I won’t say their names, but just know that their cosplays rocked. I made sure to take plenty of pictures of other cosplays.

Emma & Mother from Promised Neverland

I didn’t go to the artist gallery until Saturday, but it was worth it. The artists are so talented. If I could buy everything, I might have, but I had a limited budget, so I settled for some keychains, stickers and a few mini posters. The biggest poster I got was from the anime My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! You just have to love Bakarina…I mean Katarina. The keychains & stickers were a combination of anime I enjoyed immensely like Yona of the Dawn, How to keep a Mummy, My Roommate is a Cat, Kirby, and Demon Slayer. As for the other mini posters, I got them from the same vender, Mega Mouse Arts, and the art is beautiful and I almost mistaken the drawings as the real animation of the studios. She is talented and the prices she offered for her creativity was worth it.

Of course I went the exhibition hall to do more shopping, but I was good and bought only a few DVDs and did many wheel lotteries. Believe it or not, but I won the main prize on one and scored Air Pods for my phone (I just need to figure out how to use them). I am not completely selfish when shopping, so I also bought souvenirs for my family and friends. I wish I shopped more, but I promised myself not to go overboard and I didn’t find anything related to Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle, so that was a bummer, but maybe next time.

The Re:Zero Cosplay Café was absolutely adorable. I have never attended a Maid or Butler Café, but attending this small café of the convention made me excited to try attending one in the future. I was offered a Milk Tea with Tapioca, wafer sticks, and two flavored Macarons. They were delicious, but I am allergic to red dye, so I packed the strawberry flavored Macaron to give to my dad, since he likes sweets. The maids, as advertised, were real twins and spoke in harmony like real Anime maids. I played a game of GO FISH with the maid serving our table. Unfortunately, I lost, but I still had fun with such a simple game. Since I managed to reserve my place in the café, I also received a complimentary picture with the maid serving my table and a free Re:Zero mini figure. Got the figure I wanted and posed that figure with my plate of sweets for a sweet memory. I paid for a second picture, but the price of that extra picture wasn’t so bad. I wish I could have stayed longer, but there was a time limit for this experience and I still had more to see.

Next to the café were the cars imported from Japan from what I know and I have to say that when a car lover loves anime they go all out in the creativity of designing the art of the car. Imagine how many people would take pictures of the cars as they drove down the road.

As for performances, I watched the drums for the Tenjin Festival (Game part of the festival was cancelled due to rain) and the Shamisen instrument performance. Performance doesn’t always mean music, so I should mention that I also watched the Sumo Wrestling on Thursday night between Yama from Japan and Ramy from Egypt. They are big and yet very strong. I should see a Sumo Wrestling match again when I get the chance.

The Panels were interesting, but I would love a bit more improvement on the game ones, since I was dying to participate. I understand wanting to involve everyone, but that is hard. I guess I can say I was more involved with Dare Bucket, since I was the host of this. I had quite the turn out and people that participated seemed to enjoy the dares that were drawn especially the dare related to Demon Slayer. I kind of wish my props that were used weren’t taken, but that was my fault for not mentioning it. Five players and five prizes, plus a few for the audience. I didn’t get a chance to give the certificates, but that’s fine. The Formal dance was considered as a panel and let’s just say that it was interesting in the least for a formal dance. I got to dance with someone, but I won’t mention his name.

Food is a must at a convention and I just loved the use of food trucks at the convention. I got delicious shaved ice and other goodies. My favorite is still getting the Mango Smoothie.

That’s about it. The days were fun, but tiring. I even went to a bar (I ordered a Shirley Temple, so no alcohol) just to relax. I spoke with other anime fans and then rested. I might do a panel again in the future, but with better planning. All in all, I would give the convention 4 stars, since some events were cancelled, but still fun.

Note: I am aware of the negativity concerning Anime Matsuri, but my thought process is that I should not focus on the negative, but on the positive, so please no flaming on the comments if you do comment.