Bread Eating Contest Planning

And so the Girl Obtained a Wicked Girl’s Body by: Kurokawa Tenri

Translations from Kahoim

(Light Novel)

Characters in this part:

Aika: A girl who possessed a wicked girl’s body after her death.

Mikoshiba: A member of the student council with a huge appetite.

Sakaki: A member of the student council, who made the suggestion for the bread eating contest. He loves to make jokes.

Ichinose: A member of the student council and the boy Aika believes she likes.

Chiba: A member of the student council.


“Sakaki senpai, which events in the athletic festival are you participating in?”

“Hmm, me? The 50 meter dash, the cavalry battle, and the cheering party.”

“You’re in the cheering party!? I’ll definitely watch and cheer you on!”

“So you’ll cheer for the cheering party. Try to cheer for the other events too—”

I wonder what Ichinose senpai is participating in. I’ll cheer him on with all my might.

“What are you participating in, Aika-chan?”

“Umm, the bread eating contest, two-legged race, borrowing contest, and tug of war.”

I’m participating in a lot of events so I’ll be using a lot of physical strength. Maybe I’ll try waking up early and jogging. Waking up early and jogging… something you can only do when you’re healthy. Ahh, I’m so glad that I am.

“B-Bread eating contest! Ahahahahaha!!”

As I was being shocked by Sakaki senpai’s sudden burst of laughter, Mikoshiba-kun and Chiba-kun entered the student council room.

“You’re so noisy from the morning.”

“Good morning. Did something happen?”

“Hahaha….. Aika-chan told me that she was participating in the bread eating contest at the Athletic festival.”

“The bread eating contest, wasn’t that the event that Sakaki senpai made up for fun? I’m amazed that you entered it.”

Sakaki senpai was the one who suggested to do it. What a great person. Thank you very much.

“If you laugh that much your jaw’s going to get out of place.”

As Sakaki senpai continued to laugh, Ichinose senpai entered the room. Ignoring the flash of pain in my chest, I greeted him cheerfully. Greetings are important.

“Good morning. Hey, why is he laughing so much?”

“I wonder?”

“Fuhaha, Aika-chan told me that she’s participating in the bread eating competition. I better go and cheer for this right.”

“The bread eating competition?”

Even Ichinose senpai looks shocked. Is it really that strange? The bread eating contest is something that you can only do at the athletic festival, it’s a valuable competition. Why wouldn’t I participate.

“By the way, what kind of bread are they serving?”

“We still haven’t decided yet. If I remember correctly the ordering deadline is the day after tomorrow.”

“What kind of bread do you want Aika-chan? Hey, you should go ask for the participants opinions…. fufu.”

I feel like the outcome will depend on the type of bread. This is a pretty important task. Hmm, I wonder what would be the best? It would be good if it were easy to bite.

“….Something like french bread right?”

“That’s hard!”

“Yeah that’s a little tough. It’s too big and heavy so it might not be supported by the string.”

Oh yeah, we shouldn’t only consider the fact that it’s easy to bite. Now that I think of it, how are they going to hang the bread? They were talking about a string but are they going to sew it on the bread?

“How are you going to hang the bread?”

“We’re going to attach scotch tape to the bag the bread is in and suspend the string.”

“What! We’re eating the bread as it’s in the bag?”

I never thought they would be using the bag. It’s a little different than I had imagined.

“It’s for hygienic purposes, and in the first place there is no other way to hang the bread.”

“What about hanging it from a fish hook?”

“Then we’ll have injuries!”

Mu—. It’s different than I imagined but, I’m sure that this is a bread eating contest. Since it’s in a bag, what kind of bread would be good?

“If it was my choice a katsu sandwich sounds nice.”


“If we go by the standard wouldn’t an-pan be good? Besides that there is cream pan and jam bread and such.”

“But there are people who don’t like sweets. I think that we should choose something that everyone would like.”

“Let’s use white bread!”

“White bread? Isn’t that flavorless?”

“It’s staying in the bag so we could bring it home afterwards. People could choose what they want to put on it like margarine or jam at home, so I don’t think anyone will complain about it.”

“That makes sense. Thinking of it that way white bread sounds nice too. Let’s do it. Thank you Aika.”

I’m glad that we’ve decided on white bread and all but I’m more happy because Ichinose senpai said thank you to me. I was able to be of use. Gufufufu.

“Bread with teeth marks on it……”

That’s a good memory right—.”

End of Scene

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