Brother & Sister Interaction II

And so the Girl Obtained a Wicked Girl’s Body by: Kurokawa Tenri

Translations from Kahoim

(Light Novel)

Characters in this part:

Aika: A girl who possessed a wicked girl’s body after her death.

Yuuya: Aika’s younger brother who dislikes his older sister.

“All right, it’s time to make this—!”

I lined up the vegetables and followed the instructions on how to make it from the back off the curry box.

“Let’s see, first I need to cut the vegetables into bite sizes.”

I rinsed the dirt off the potato, and also quickly rinsed the carrots. Yuuya-kun entered the living room.

“….What are you doing?”

“It’s mother’s day so I thought I’d make dinner.”

“Can you even make something we can eat?”

“I’ll try my best!”


Huh, for a second Yuuya-kun’s eyes looked like the fish I saw at the supermarket.

Since I already rinsed the vegetables I’m going to cut them for now. It’s my first time cooking so I can’t help but have fun. I set the potato on the cutting board, let’s do this!

“Wait a second!!”


When I began to cut the potato, Yuuya-kun had an upset expression as he tried to stop me.

“Why are you holding the knife with two hands and trying to swing it down with such great force! Are you using it like an ax!”

“The potato was so hard that I thought it would be best to cut it with a lot of strength but…..”

“Also you still haven’t even peeled off the skin. Cut it after you remove the skin.”

That makes sense. So you peel the skin off first.

I put the potato in my left hand to hold it while peeling it with the knife but my right hand keeps shaking so I can’t do it well.

Uuu, this is kind of scary.

“Ohh, hand me that. You go use the peeler to remove the carrot’s skin.”

He said that and took away the knife, Yuuya-kun was swiftly peeling the skin off the potato after washing his hands. Is he a craftsman!?

I-I also want to show off some sisterly skills.

This is the peeler. I used the peeler I found in the drawer and swiftly removed the skin off a carrot. What is this, it feels satisfying! Even I could do this.

“Yuuya-kun you’re great at cooking.”

“This level is normal. You’re just unskillful.”

“You really have the diligence. By the way Yuuya-kun-”

“Aren’t you just too positive? What?”

“Until what point do you peel the carrot?”

I’ve been peeling it since earlier but I don’t know where to stop. If I keep peeling it’ll become really thin.

“Bah! Are you an idiot! You’re done once you peel one time around. You’re doing something pointless.”

“Eeeeh, really!?”

“Start cooking once you know at least that much first!”

What a big mistake I made. To think that I’m wasting a carrot that some farmer made.

Beside me, feeling down Yuuya-kun let out a big sigh and put the skinny carrot and the paper thin carrot into a bowl.

“There’s still some potato left over so we could use it for potato salad.”

“Yuuya-kun…..Thank you!”

“Don’t mess up next time.”


Like that we steadily finished cutting the veggies and the meat (Yuuya-kun did most of it) and the curry was made. Cooking is all about love. That’s why I’ll keep thinking it. I held my hands over my head and prayed for the food to become delicious.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m sending it love. I’m wishing that it’ll taste good so mom will be pleased.”

“You look like a witch casting a curse to me.”

End of Scene

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