Brother & Sister Interaction

And so the Girl Obtained a Wicked Girl’s Body by: Kurokawa Tenri

Translations from Kahoim

(Light Novel)

Characters in this part:

Aika: A girl who possessed a wicked girl’s body after her death.

Yuuya: Aika’s younger brother who dislikes his older sister.

Mother: Aika and Yuuya’s mother who doesn’t like her daughter, but dotes on her son.

“Welcome home.” (Aika)

“Shut up.” (Yuuya)

Wow that sounds harsh. The only thing I did was greet him but to get that kind of reaction means that I must really be disliked. Suddenly, the large sports bag by my brother’s feet caught my attention. I feel like I saw him carrying that on his shoulder earlier when I was at the entranceway. Is it for a club? I wonder what kind of sport he does.

“What’s your problem, don’t stare at my bag.” (Yuuya)

“Do you use it for a club?” (Aika)

“What? If that was the case what would you do?” (Yuuya)

“What’s your favorite part of doing club activities?” (Aika)

I don’t know what club he’s in so I used an indirect method of asking him. In order to get along we need to interact more. For now let’s just talk, talk.

“That has nothing to do with you.” (Yuuya)

“You must be in a pretty cool club aren’t you? I want to hear about it.” (Aika)

“Yeah, Yuuya has pretty good reflexes. At the last game, he even hit a reverse grand slam. I want them to taste of his nail grime.”(Mother)

I see. Since he got a home run he must be in the baseball club. What explains why he’s so tan. I also got to learn that his name is Yuuya. Thanks mom. Also, even if you taste the nail grime your reflexes won’t get better. If it worked I would’ve done it. In fact, let me taste it.

“… By the way, what are you doing?” (Yuuya)

“You’re a weird child, to use a blindfold.” (Mother)

“He told me not to look at his bag, so.” (Aika)

“….Aren’t you a little stupid.” (Yuuya)

Although I’m disliked, he still properly responds to me. That’s still better than getting a cold reaction.

You can’t talk to books. You also can’t talk to the music you listen to. I was happy when the people I knew online responded to me but this is a different kind of joy. Right now I can actually speak to people face to face. That makes me happier than anything.

“Baseball is that thing right. When you get three points they say hat trick. Your Onee-san knows about this.” (Aika)

“Hat trick is from soccer you idiot. Calling yourself Onee-san feels so creepy.” (Yuuya)

“Uu.. Umm, once you hit the ball it’s called traveling and you have to run to the base…. right?” (Aika)

“How are they supposed to run!? I don’t know what you mean. Traveling is a basketball term!” (Yuuya)

I’m embarrassed that I acted like I knew. I want to hide in a hole somewhere.

“….Sorry for being so ignorant. I will come back after I learn more.” (Aika)

I hung my face like I felt down. In order to keep the conversation going I said whatever came to mind but it wasn’t useful. Next time I’ll study this stuff first.

When I raised my face after feeling their gazes, I wondered why they were staring at me. They must me shocked at how I acted like I knew everything.

Yuuya stared at me while raising his eyebrows. He gives off the aura of someone who’s good at sports. My mom looks at Yuuya expectantly.

“I want to see Yuuya-kun play a game.” (Aika)

“What!? Don’t be kidding me. The only reason you’re coming sis is to chase after guys isn’t it? Don’t come, you’re annoying. It’s weird if you come so don’t.” (Yuuya)

“My goal is Yuuya-kun. I’ll come with a headband and a banner. Those are necessary for support you know!” (Aika)

“Definitely don’t come!” (Yuuya)

If someone tells you not to go it is human nature to want to go. Let’s go peek without being seen.

End of Scene

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