What Happened to Your Modesty?!

And so the Girl Obtained a Wicked Girl’s Body by: Kurokawa Tenri

Translations from Kahoim

(Light Novel)

Characters in this part:

Aika: A girl who possessed a wicked girl’s body after her death.

Yuuya: Aika’s younger brother who dislikes his older sister.

Mother: Aika and Yuuya’s mother who doesn’t like her daughter, but dotes on her son.


When we returned home, the living room had been cleaned but I didn’t see Yuuya-kun anywhere. Mom told me that he was in his room so it was fine but I felt uneasy. I’m scared thinking that he might not ever show his face to me again.

That worry was blown away at dinnertime since he came out of him room to eat with us. But it was very silent.

“We’ll rotate so please go ahead and take a bath.”

“Okay. See you.”

Fuaaa. The bath is so nice, it’s the greatest feeling. When I was bedridden they always wiped me so I didn’t have many chances to be immersed in the water. I feel so fortunate.

As I was submerged in the bathtub feeling supremely blissful, I heard loud noises accompanied by Yuuya-kun’s voice.


“Eh, what!?”

Could this possibly be a thief!? They must have waited until my mom was gone. Now they must have encountered Yuuya-kun and attacked him…. I need to save him!

Once I frantically jumped out of the bathtub and left the room, I saw cardboard boxes and luggage scattered about with Yuuya-kun sitting in it. It appears that the luggage fell out of the closet. I’m glad that it wasn’t a burglar.

But then I saw the size of the cardboard boxes and felt worried. If something this big fell on Yuuya-kun he might get amnesia too!

“Are you okay, Yuuya-kun!”

“Ah?….hey, what!?”

“Are you injured anywhere?”

I was worried that he had hit his head so I checked but when I looked I didn’t see any bumps. I’m so glad.

It appears that Yuuya-kun has frozen up. His face is red.

“……Are you kidding me! Hurry up and return to the bathroom!”

He pushed my shoulders which made me stagger, and I tilted my head in confusion. What, why is he mad?

“I was worried that you might have gotten injured Yuuya-kun, is that not okay?”

“That’s not even the problem here-! You, what kind of appearance is that, hurry up and go!”

My appearance right now. I hurried out of the shower so right now I’m naked. He’s upset about that? Why?

“Umm….do you have anything against being naked?”

“What, you lost your modesty along with your memories!”

Since I was making his face redder, I returned to the bathroom.

“Are you serious…. forgetting her memories, is she for real….”

Ever since I was little my body was seen by doctors for medical examinations so I don’t have any problems with being seen naked and don’t think it’s embarrassing.

But now I am Aika-chan. It’s not my body that people see but it’s Aika-chan’s well-proportioned body. Yeah, I shouldn’t recklessly display my body. I’ll be careful. But it’s strange that I can’t show my family members my body.

My mom came back and was surprised that Yuuya-kun had cleaned the corridor. When she asked me what had happened she said,

“What were you thinking?! Aren’t you a girl of that age!? Please show some more modesty!”


I got scolded heavily. It’s difficult isn’t it, to be a girl this age.

End of Scene


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