I’m Going to Keep It!

Clear Qualia (Omake) by: Endou Minari

Translation from KA Workz Scans

Characters in this part:

Dorothy: A female donor who bought Ponkatsu with the exchange for her eye.

Ponkatsu: A robot servant in charge of taking care of Dorothy.

Rodbart: Dorothy’s guardian who dislikes Ponkatsu

Cat: A cat picked up by Ponkatsu

Italics= thoughts

(Ponkatsu and Dorothy had returned after facing some trouble outside of their hotel and are being reprimanded by Robbart.)

Dorothy: …I’m Sorry

Rodbart: What about? That you broke your promise and left the hotel? Or that you caused trouble even though I told you not to?

Dorothy: Both…

Rodbart: Hmm…

Ponkatsu: Rodbart, please don’t blame Dorothy…It was me who took her outside and caused trouble…

Rodbart: You really are trouble…just get out…

Ponkatsu: I won’t.

Dorothy: I’m sorry…

Rodbart: *sigh* Never mind, just hurry up and get your things…We’ll get out of town while it’s still dark. Not that we’ve got much to take with us…

Ponkatsu: Rodbart! Rodbart! ^_^

Rodbart: Yeah?

Ponkatsu: (carrying a cat in bag and winking) Can we take the cat with us?

Rodbart: NO. Anyway, where’d you get that animal?

Ponkatsu: I picked him up. I’m going to keep him.

Rodbart: Shouldn’t it be “let me keep him?” You missed out too much!

Dorothy: I’m sorry, Rod. I said no, but Ponkotsu brought him along anyway.

Rodbart: You don’t even listen to what Dorothy says? YOU BASTARD!

Ponkatsu: I’m going to keep him. (hugs cat and turns away)

Rodbart: Trying to be cute won’t work! Anyway the answer is no, you can’t keep him. There are hardly any hotels that allow pets, and they’re more expensive too. Get rid of the cat, Dorothy.

(Dorothy takes cat from Ponkatsu with Ponkatsu reaching out crying.)

Ponkatsu: AH~ T_T

Dorothy: Leave it to me! I’ll make sure to get rid of him!

(Cat kisses Dorothy on the lips.)

Dorothy: …We’re taking the cat with us. (stuffing cat in bag)

Rodbart: We’re not! *vein pop* Ponkotsu, what are you making that face for?!

Ponkatsu: (takes cat) Ah…alright, alright. I get it. I’ll get rid of him and then you’ll be happy, right?

Rodbart: That’s right, you idiot.

Ponkatsu: You damned demon.

(Ponkotsu walks out of the room and then returns with no cat in his arms.)

Dorothy: Oh? You’re already done?

Ponkotsu: Hahaha…It was as easy as breaking the sound barrier.

Rodbart: Umm…Ponkatsu…turn around.

(Ponkatsu turns around and the cat is hanging from his back.)

Rodbart: What’s that on your back?

(Cat waves from the left shoulder and then from the right shoulder)

Ponkatsu: It’s a bag. What about it?

Rodbart: Hmm…so what’s inside the bag.

Ponkatsu: Internal Organs.

Rodbart: What kind of bag is that?

End of scene.

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