Aggressive Bunny

Dr. Rabbit (One shot) by: Ogura Akane

Translation from Aerandria Scans

Characters in this part:

Saeko: A genius who created Alice and the one who hired Hikaru as a bodyguard.

Hikaru: A part-time worker bodyguard in charge of protecting Saeko.

Alice: A bunny robot with artificial intelligence that Saeko made.

Italics= thoughts

(Hikaru and Saeko have met for the first time and Hikaru begins to talk about Alice, the bunny robot with artificial intelligence.)

Hikaru: *smile*(reaching toward Alice in Saeko’s arms) But you said that it’s a robot, so I imagined something rougher. It’s surprisingly cute…

*WHACK!* (Alice kicks Hikaru in the chin)

Hikaru: ?!

Alice: *psssh* (glare) Who do you think you are, trying to touch me without permission like that, stupid guy!! I’m going to hit you!

Hikaru: (pale) It’s surprisingly aggressive…?!

Alice: Young people these days…


End of Scene

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